Fashionable Belts: What’s your Pick??


 So you thought the only reason for wearing a belt was to keep your denims in place? Well, reconsider your thought as belts today are getting to another level and women are wearing them on their dresses, gowns as well as skirts. From formal designer belts to the more fashionable ones with attention-grasping buckles, ladies are in love with this chic accessory. It is a very trendy way to flaunt the newest trend of the season. So, it is a great idea to style a trendy belt just like your dress, shoes or handbags.. 😀  Before that Following are few “Tips” and “Styles” that’ll help you pick the best.

Skinny belt:  Skinny belts are really “in” this spring and they can add little color and fun to your complete look. They highlight dainty dresses and directed at show off the outfit you are wearing. It looks great on almost any outfit but I think women’s a little plump should avoid it.

Fashionable belts_shiny belts

Types Of Fashion Belts:-

  • Wide Belts: These belts are a great way to flaunt your sexy waist as they look stunning on defined waist. They provide an allusion on the corset, as they brace all the body. Also the wide belts are usually made of material that is stretchable. So, just wrap it around your natural waistline and get classy yet stylish look. But avoid these wide belts if your body figure lack curves as it can make your hips look wider.
  • Bow belts: Bow looks so cute and now you can see them on belts too. 😀 the belts looks so cute and can be worn with dresses or with denims. It’ll definitely give you a “cute” look. 😀 So, will you be trying them??
  • Braided belts: Braided belts are not only attractive but they are stylish too and they are a craze nowadays. You can choose from unique braided styles as these belts are coming up in different styles. According to me these belts would look good with almost every outfit.


Fashionable belts_ wide belts

Fashion Belt Tips/Advice:-

  • Bright and bold belts looks sexy but be aware of where you wear it on your body, to avoid unwanted attention.
  • Since the animal prints are very much, yes in “belts” too. 😉 So, avoid going full animal kingdom and create a subtle nod to this style with a killer belt.

So, don’t just keep your pants up with belts, make your own style statement with these classy belts.

Hope they are helpful 🙂

 Do you have any Fashion belt tips to share with us ?

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