Faster hair growth – Make hair grow faster (Beauty tip)

 By Manisha,

If you drink juice prepared by lettuce or spinach 2-3 times a week your hair will grow faster.

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  1. YAA …i will say that..

    if they invent spinach and lettuce chocolate …lolz^_^
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  2. Ye Ye!!!!

    actually truth is i don like eeeee choclate and thank god for it…i like spiiiicyyy food 😀
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  3. :O :O ladki ho ke chocolate ni pasand.. hey bhagwaaaaaaaaaaan ye main kya sun rahi hu! ye sune se pehle mera net connection band kyu ni ho gaya 😛
    well i lub spicy food too! 😀 tried mexican food? its yummiie.. indian food jitna spicy nai! but its yummiiee

  4. I have experienced that my hair has grown faster in the month I tried breaids during night. yes, I o this sometimes especially when i use oil and keep it over night. (but hair growth definitely depends on genetics too.)

    Know what Anamik, even I don't like chocolates. I mean I can eat it but not crazy after chocos. but yes I love one thing that is ensure that i have chocolates in my referigerator. (if only i could save it from my bro.)

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  5. hahha…me too..if i have it in then i will eat but i wont go mad for themmmmm….

    ogg this is an interestign tip and i know what u mami she too had long hair she use to say that this thingonly for this..
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  6. Jab Indian nnnn food jitna spicy nahi hai to mein kyu kahhhhiu 😛

    Mera India ki spicy khaana Mahaaaaannnn….
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