Faster ways to lose weight and increase metabolism

Whenever the idea of weight loss arrives in our mind  we we think of starving ourselves or eating as little as possible.

 I remember eating out a good heavy fat loaded meal and thinking that I will puke it out. This was such an unhealthy practice which I adopted so that I can eat everything and won’t bother about the weight. Thankfully my mother caught me and she told me about the serious health problems which this habit can lead too.

Now after years of maintaining my weight I have learnt two things too lose weight faster.
1. By increasing metabolism which burns fats.
2. By working out so that muscles burn fats.
Metabolism is the biggest way to lose weight against fat and once you know the trick it becomes one of the advantage. Increased metabolism will help in dropping pounds faster and faster.
You can increase your metabolism by sleeping better and drinking more water. If you ask me of the two things which I cannot live without, It will certainly be water and my toilet where I flush out the water which I drink whole day :D. Water helps in reducing or eliminating bloat in the belly and facilitates flushing out of toxins and sodium from the body through urine.
Fruits play a major role in increasing metabolism in the body. Most of the fruits contains fibre rich content .Fruits and vegetables takes longer time in digestion and burns more calories and makes one feel full for a long time.
Green tea is also one of the use full means of increasing metabolism .By drinking one cup of green tea your brain and the nervous system gets energised. Albeit for me liking green tea is quite difficult and I try hard to love it. To bring it in my lifestyle I make sure I have it at least once a day.
Fish and eggs helps in increasing metabolism too. Both of  the food consist of Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins which increases the production of digestive supporting enzymes in the body, thus consuming more calories.
An oat meal is also one of the best foods to increase metabolism. It reduces the insulin level in the body .The high fat-soluble fibre content present in oatmeal takes a longer time for digestion in the body. As a result, more energy needs to be consumed in the digestion process of this food.

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  1. Great tips Anamika. This is actually healthy living. I loved the part where you said you can not live without water and the toilet (hahahahha).Water also helps to keep skin in good hydrated condition. Thanks for sharingHave a great day ahead.regardsShiva

  2. Hi! I just love each and every subject here. I mean, I cant stop reading. Thanks so much, I know my life style is going to change completely. People should wait for a whole new me!


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