Fem Turmeric Herbal Fairness Creme Bleach Review – Ammonia Free


Fem Turmeric Herbal Fairness Creme Bleach

Fem has always been good at their fairness bleach range and this time an ammonia free bleach :). I  am reviewing an ammonia free herbal bleach from fem. After using fem herbal bleach from quite a long time now, I came across this turmeric herbal bleach which is ammonia free. Yeah! an herbal bleach with goodness of turmeric and that too ammonia free.so, there was no reason to skip the product. lets find out how it worked for me.

Fem Turmeric Herbal Fairness Creme Bleach Review+skin whitening


About Fem Turmeric Herbal Fairness Creme Bleach:-

What’s new in turmeric herbal fairness  crème bleach?

Inspired from home made ubtan, the new fem turmeric & milk removes dead cells and sun tan, lightens skin tone and gives healthy fairness.

A question always arises in minds of first time users about how to use bleach safely. This is because they tend to get confused with the mixing ration of the crème and activator. Understanding this problem, fem introduces an innovative- Fem Safe.Use Spoon, a premeasured spoon for both crème and activator powder. Fem SafeUse Spoon ensures a safe and convenient bleaching experience. With Fem Bleach enjoy healthy fairness with care.

Fem Turmeric Herbal Fairness Creme Bleach Review Details+skin whitening products

Price: - Rs 50 for 24g ( 21gm crème and 3gm activator)


  • Crème Bleach:
  • Hydrogen peroxide, propylene glycol, stearic acid, perfume, turmeric oleoresin
  • Powder Activator:
  • Potassium persulphate, skimmed milk powder, turmeric oleoresin

Shelf Life : 18 months

Fem Turmeric Herbal Fairness Creme Bleach Review Ingredients+skin lightening

My Experience with Fem Turmeric Herbal Fairness Creme Bleach :

According to the instructions on the leaflet given along with the product, I just washed my face with plain water. Mixed the crème and activator according to the Fem SafeUse Spoon provided and applied the bleach all over the face and neck. The results came out amazing, being honest I really didn’t expected the bleach to work really well for neck considering the results of their Fem Herbal Bleach but I just picked it up for the ammonia free factor. But the bleach worked really well both for me and my mum. The bleach actually worked on tanning and one good thing was that it didn’t turned the facial hairs very golden (catty look types) even when we found the activator measuring spoon a bit larger according to us. As the bleach is really mild, may be that’s why they have given accurate activator measure spoon.

Fem Turmeric Herbal Fairness Creme Bleach Review Bleaching Items+skin lightening products

All in all we both found the bleach to be really nice and upto its claims. I didn’t got any negative effects after using this on my sensitive skin (like I usually get with any other bleach out there). Summing the pros and cons.

Fem Turmeric Herbal Fairness Creme Bleach Review Product+how to lighten skin

What I like about Fem Turmeric Herbal Fairness Creme Bleach:-

  • Really mild
  • Ammonia free
  • Herbal Bleach
  • No negative effects seen on my face (neither on my mom’s)
  • Effectively hides suntan
  • SafeUse spoon provided makes it easy to mix crème and bleach in right proportion
  • Don’t turn hair very golden (this can be a con for people with dark facial hairs )

What I don’t like about Fem Turmeric Herbal Fairness Creme Bleach:-

  • May not work on really dark facial hairs

  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Note: Porcelein fair beauties should try out saffron bleach from the same range. Turmeric one is for fair skinned ones and Pearl herbal bleach for wheatish to dark.
  • Verdict: I would say, give it a try. I found it really nice.
  • For first time users, do check it out, am sure you will love it but don’t forget to do a patch test before applying to your face.

 Have you tried Fem Turmeric Herbal Fairness Creme Bleach?

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  1. bleaching is a scary thought…..my skin is however sensitive ….. i will skip this inspite of this product being rated 4.5

  2. Nice review Yashika 🙂 . I somehow dont wana move an inch away from Olivia , it works great for my sensitive skin !

  3. Well..m allergic to any bleach so this is out of the question for me..I wish there were sme other way t remove facial hair..

  4. Facebleaching is the act of using chemical substances to lighten the pigmentation of the face by decreasing the concentration of the dark skin pigment melanin.

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