Fermented Rice Water For Hair: Ultimate Remedy for Hair Fall Problems


Hair is the crowning glory for both men & women. Literally speaking, our hair actually builds up our overall personality and it makes us look presentable in front of others. Hair quality is dependent on both the nutritional factors as well as extrinsic factors like the increasing pollution, the quality of water you use and most importantly the products which you use for hair fall treatment as those are the things which directly help or hamper the texture of naturally strong hair. Along with that hair fall tips too don’t seem to work that much.


Hair Fall is one of the most common modern age problems which both men & women struggle to get rid of, but sadly all that stress even adds up to the hair fall reasons. In addition to the use of hard chemicals present in shampoos & other hair styling products on hair, the hard water too is responsible for damaged hair & hair fall issues you have been facing. So how to stop hair fall? Any healthy hair tips?


Interestingly, there is an ingredient which primarily had its origin in South-West China. There is an ancient tribe Yao and they have women with envious long locks of hair, just like Rapunzel. And the miraculous ingredient for their amazing long & strong hair is attributed to Fermented Rice Water. These tribal women have primarily been using Fermented Rice water for hair care all their life. The village is famously known as the ‘Land of Rapunzels’. It is the use of Fermented Rice Water that endured all the hair problems and never ever faced any concerns related to hair fall. Till today Yao tribe’s women have an amazing hair length & texture which is a real luxury in modern times.

All about Fermented Rice Water

Fermented Rice water, in simpler words is the starchy off-white water which is left after you soak or cook rice for some time. It is naturally enriched with starch (carbohydrates and complex compounds) and it helps in making the hair smooth & imparts a shine.

Amazing Benefits of Fermented Rice Water

Fermented rice water is a special ingredient and it is enriched with vitamins E, B3 & B5 which are the building blocks for healthy hair and are immensely important in preventing hair fall. Fermented rice water also consists of a combination of amino acids. So these multi-vitamins and amino acids present in Fermented Rice Water combined together help in strengthening and protecting your hair against any possible instance of hair fall.

Since, this is mostly starch left over from rice; it helps in restoring pH balance of your hair. The ancient Yao tribe women used the milky rice water which was obtained after soaking or cooking rice. The water is mainly starch along with other complex compounds of vitamins & amino acids which was stored and used over time to wash hair. The tribes lived in a region of fertile soil where rice growth was primarily dominant and that is why the Fermented Rice Water originated in this tribal region was so miraculous in preventing all hair fall problems.

Fermented Rice water tends to make hair shinier & smoother which causes less friction and eventually lesser hair fall instances.

This ingredient can also be used as a last rinse to keep the hair strands smooth & nourished and let all its nutrients make your mane even stronger so as to reduce hair fall issues.

Fermented Rice Water is something which has been somewhere not given enough credit for its miraculous effects in reducing hair fall. But now that we are aware about its relevance in recent times, it is a great way to follow these age old secrets for the modern day hair fall problem.

So far with so many amazing benefits we can surely emphasize that Fermented Rice Water is surely the savior for all hair fall problems. And this is the best ingredient to use for hair care before you reach a stage when you cannot revive your hair as its texture and density is degrading with a fast pace with each passing day.



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