Ferulic Acid And Its Benefits


Ferulic Acid And Its Benefits

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I am sure you all must be wondering what is Ferulic Acid, since it relatively new in the skincare arena. Wonder no more! Let us understand what actually this acid is & the potential benefits it has to offer.


What Is Ferulic Acid?

Ferulic Acid is considered to be the next big thing in the beauty industry. It is extracted from rice bran oil & is one of the most powerful natural anti-oxidants. Many plants contain Ferulic acid, which has a self-preservation mechanism that helps maintain a strong & resilient cell wall. Ferulic Acid is found naturally in the leaves and seeds of most plants. It is especially high in foods like rice, wheat & oats but may also be found in the cell walls of fruits and vegetables such as parsley, spinach & grapes. However, when Ferulic Acid first hit the market it was only available in a form requiring the use of alcohol, and solvents, to utilize it in topical application.

How Does Ferulic Acid Work?

Ferulic acid has been shown to fight the negative effects of various free radicals which are actually one of the biggest causes for premature ageing. Free radicals destroy collagen, which keeps skin tight and elastic. They also diminish the amount of elastin in the skin which is a protein that allows your skin to stretch back into place without sagging. It goes down deep into the lower layers of the skin & neutralizes the harmful free radicals & thus helps prevent and repair UV and environmental damage. It is often combined with vitamins C & E to deliver even better & effective results.

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Health Benefits Of Ferulic Acid

So far, most of the findings on ferulic acid’s potential health benefits are based on animals & it is too soon to comment on its effectiveness, but many researchers have found that it can help in cancer protection, diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure & high cholesterol.

Skin Benefits Of Ferulic Acid


Ferulic acid can make a big impact on your anti-aging regimen. It is considered to be a super anti-oxidant that can protect your skin from free radicals which is a major cause of aging. When applied topically, i.e., directly onto the skin, it reverses signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Ferulic acid, when combined with vitamins C and E, becomes even more effective. It also promotes collagen production which makes your skin looking youthful and helps retain its elasticity. You might also notice a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles & pigmentation.


Sun Protection:

Ferulic acid also helps in UV protection by interfering with the process by which UV rays damage the cell membranes. In fact, it even helps reverse some of the damage already done to your skin by the sun. In addition, it also helps to prevent redness and sunburn from UV rays.

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Skin Whitening & Brightening:

Ferulic acid is a potential whitening agent. Long-term use of ferulic acid products should improve skin texture and tone making way for a healthy & radiant glow. It also works on uneven skin tone, spots & freckles & helps you get an even-toned skin.


Preserves Vitamins:

Most of the skincare products today contain However, when exposed to light and air, these vitamins can break down and lose their skin benefits. Ferulic acid helps in preventing this process so that your skincare products yield the desired benefits.


Where To Find It?

Clinical ferulic acid concentrations are available over the counter in serums, face creams, anti-ageing products, sunscreens & eye creams. It works best when used along with other antioxidants, such as vitamin E & C.

A Word Of Caution!

Although ferulic acid is generally considered safe, but people with sensitive skins should be careful while using it. In addition, also make sure that you are not allergic to any kind of grains, such as wheat, barley, or corn. Before incorporating creams or serums with ferulic acid into your skin care regimen, take a patch test first to ensure that you are not allergic.

Due to the limited research, it’s too soon to recommend ferulic acid as a treatment for any condition. Always consult your doctor first before using it to cure any health condition.

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