Festival Nail Design


I love doing simple yet elegant nail arts. Trust your painting skills and you can really come up with a beautiful nail art. I tried this nail art using golden and silver nail paints. I did this NA within 10 minutes during Diwali. Yes girls within 10 minutes. :dance-leftright: So what are you waiting for just grab your 2 fav nail paints and show your creativity skills. This nail art would be perfect for those who are always in hurry.

golden and yellow nail art tutorials+nail art nail polish

Sorry friends I didn’t get the time to click the photos for the tutorial. But it is really a simple design. Firstly I applied the base coat. Let it dry.

festiva golden and yellow nail art+nail art designs for beginners

Using the golden nail paint apply side swipes on both the parts of the nail. I used golden nailart pen. I find nail art pens very convenient.

indian nail art blog festive nail art pictures of nail art simple nail art designs

Then I used silver glitter nail paint to make a thin line just below the golden color. I used Streetwear Silver Sparkles. Let it dry completely.

simple nail art designs nail art ideas

Apply top coat and our nail art is ready :clap-n-jump:

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  1. I once did this with black tips and silver line…this combi is good as well..wil try it..i have a golden color with green tones to it…lets c

  2. Hi its really good, i wish i can get the nail art pens. can anyone let me know where do we get nail art pens in Chennai


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