Festive Glitter Nail Art With Elle 18 Color Bombs Nail Pops


Hey girls

I did  this nail art on  impluse  . Simply ran to refrigerator,picked 5 nail paints colors and before I knew, the  color bomb effort landed on my nails.

Simple is the word for this. Best for girls born with two left hands 😛

Pick 5  nail paints  of your choice.Yea,they must look like a festival together .I took pink,red,green,pale pink and deep peach for this. All from Elle 18 nail pops.


nail art at home nail art with elle 18 colorbombs


Start from nail crown and randomly place the colors .No extra brush required.You can let your imagination run wild here. If you do not tolerate colors then pick two .It would look good either way .

Sprinkle glitter or just run a glitter paint on the nail.


glitter nail art red and green


Done !!

Ciao girls


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    • Then i’d have to buy a new fridge to just store my nail paints!!! :rotfl: :rotfl:
      Usually nail paints have a shelf life of 2-3 years..plus they contain toxic chemicals and are inflammmable. So people dont advise keeping it in fridge

      • even perfumes last longer when kept in fridge. as per issues about being inflammable-they must be kept away from fire and heat. if the fridge is really old chances of a spark lighting off may be higher . i don’t know. But i never faced a issue. Otherwise if you can find your self a dry dark and cool place to store er stuff i think its fine. i leave it for 10 minutes after removing from fridge or if am in a real hurry i just rub the bottles with palms to warm the liquid up :).


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