Festive Hairstyles To Try This Month


Festive Hairstyles To Try This Month

October is certainly one of the most pleasant months of the year with so many festivals around like Navratri, Durga Puja celebrations and eventually the commencement of Diwali which is celebrated all over the country with immense faith and is certainly a special occasion for a family!

Well, for such a busy month you definitely need to get decked up for all the occasions accordingly! Well, makeup looks we have talked about a while ago but something which remains for a rocking festive look is a gorgeous hairstyle. A suitable hairstyle which suits your hair length and also goes according to your outfit!

So, here in this post I have a few hairstyle suggestions which are extremely easy to do. These can be quickly made in order to get that edge in your look!

Simple Side Braid-

For this hairstyle a girl needs medium shoulder length hair. You only have make a simple not-so-clean braid and secure it with a thin hair band. Let the loose curls on you ears fall back on their own. You cannot match this simple look with any of those made up sprayed hairstyles which most of the times don’t look very natural. Decorate your braid with small beads or flower string and you are ready for the festivities!

The Half Up Hairstyle-

Believe me, if this hairstyle was not invented, I would end up either in a tight messy bun ( not the cute messy bun you see on Hollywood actresses!) or a boring pony tail. And that clearly indicates, one is out of hairstyle ideas and inspirations. This half up hair style lets your hair be tamed and freed at the same time. It gives you the freedom to adjust your hair at any given time! It particularly looks great on those who have voluminous curly hair!

party hairstyle ideas

Fishtail Braid-

Another interesting hairstyle which will go well with the festive celebrations is the fishtail braid which will look great on those girls who have silky long hair and don’t have any major hair cut done on their gorgeous mane!

Simple Middle Parted Low Bun-

Another hairstyle which one can flaunt during these festivals is to opt for a middle partition of their hair and tie the hair in a low bun and securing it with bobby pins! It is easy to do and a simple maang tikka will add charm to this hairstyle!

Side Braid Bun Hairstyle-

I f you are someone too obsessed with braids and have been bestowed with lovely locks of hair then this hairstyle is probably going to perfect get you in the festival mood!

five minutes side bun hair tutorial

Classy Twist In Low Bun Hairstyle-

It is another great hairstyle one can opt to do for a festive occasion as well as for any formal party or gathering as it looks great with both ethnic as well as western outfits! Adorn it with a string of jasmine flowers and you are all set to rock the festival celebrations!

Lean how to do it here!

cross hair bun with thick hair

Well, I hope you liked all of these hairstyle suggestions and might try a few this month itself as the Navratri is just round the corner!

Have you tried any of these hairstyles for a festive occasion?

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