Few interesting tips about weight loss which you might have not known



  •  Remember Kareena Kapoor saying that her dietician asked her to eat one cheese sandwich every day when she was trying to lose weight for Tashan movie? According to an Australian scientist from Curtin University of Technology people who consume cheese and dairy products like milk and curd every day lose weight faster. It is said that cheese and dairy products are high in protein which gives a feeling of fullness and speed ups the metabolism of the body. Of course eating in moderate quantity is expected while having  these products due to their high fat content .

  • If you add 1 tsp. of chilli sauce in your food or include more of mustard then your metabolism will speed up by 10-15 percent. Chilli sauce contains chilli pepper which breaks the appetite too. It is said that chilli pepper contain vitamin C and is rich in potassium, vitamin A and lots of fiber which helps in fighting cancer and heart ailments as well.

    •  If you drink two cups of coffee before going to the gym or for jogging  your body will break down fat instantly. You should have coffee half an hour before exercising  as it increases the amount of fat the body breaks down for energy in order to feed the muscles.
    • According to the Central Research Institute of Hunt in Japan, adding vinegar to your diet can reduce the accumulation of body fat by 10%. The lead researcher Dr. Kondo said that the first experiments on humans are extremely encouraging. The consumption of only 15 ml of vinegar, reduced fat (especially abdominal) in a group of volunteers.
    • It is also said that if your drink 2tsp of vinegar before having your meal then you will eat half of your regular diet no matter how hungry you are.


    1. are you sure about the vinegar thing because i have heard about infertility cases because of it – vinegar is like bleach and hence harmful

    2. Hi,Vinegar is been used since long in salad dressing and various pickles which we eat in India that too regularly.Ofcourse I don't have prove of it but including vinegar in moderate quantity wont affect health as per my knowledge..


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