Figs And Rouge Aloe And Mint Lip, Face, Hand And Body Balm Review


Figs & Rouge Aloe & Mint Lip, Face, Hand & Body Balm

I am almost surprised that no one has reviewed this particular product most of us received in our  boxes way back in February. Personally speaking I loved my February box and use the stuff I was sent quite happily. This product got used up within a month, since it was such a fab and versatile product, and after I repurchased it, I decided to write a review on it.

Figs & Rouge Aloe & Mint Lip, Face, Hand & Body Balm Review+body lotion+soft lips

About Figs And Rouge Aloe And Mint Lip Face And Body Balm:-

Moisturising with power packed ingredients. Excellent for soothing dry, sore and irritated lips or skin. Intense and delicious. Petroleum free lip balm. Soothing, protecting and long lasting.

  • Quantity: 17 ml
  • Price: 549/-

Figs & Rouge Aloe & Mint Lip, Face, Hand & Body Balm Review Details+body balms+natural skin care products

My Take on Figs & Rouge Aloe & Mint Lip, Face, Hand & Body Balm:-

The packaging is super cute and it easily fits inside my purse, one of the biggest reasons for me to carry it around everywhere. The consistency of the balm is quite similar to clarified butter, and the one issue I am facing after repurchasing this is that the product melts at around 40 degree temperature, which is precisely the reason why it is finally out of my purse and into my bigger bag of makeup products. However, the lovely minty white colored product in itself is really useful. Many might consider 549/- to be expensive, but I think when you are getting about 17 ml (four times the quantity of a normal lipstick or balm) the price is fair enough.

Figs & Rouge Aloe & Mint Lip, Face, Hand & Body Balm Review Package+lip moisturizer

Through the month of March, I had used this to do a lot of things-

  1. Soothe my tired and achy feet by rubbing this on all over my soles
  2. Apply over my temple for a nice forehead massage.
  3. On my lips as a lip balm.
  4. On my elbows to prevent chapping.
  5. On the dry spot around my nose.

The scent of the balm is quite addictively refreshing, a fresh, minty hit which I absolutely love. Being 100% organic, this product also, by the way, attracted ants (sigh!) so I have to put this in a safe place when it is out of the bag.

Figs & Rouge Aloe & Mint Lip, Face, Hand & Body Balm Review Hand Swatch+hand lotions

The balm itself is hydrating, and though in the summers it becomes slightly oily, it gets easily absorbed and can really soothe the skin when it feels dry. So I generally use this under lipsticks and also on my feet to make them smell beautiful for some time.

What I like about Figs & Rouge Aloe & Mint Lip, Face, Hand & Body Balm:-

  • Lovely scent
  • Great packaging
  • 100% organic and no petroleum
  • Nourishing
  • Multitasking

What I don’t like about Figs & Rouge Aloe & Mint Lip, Face, Hand & Body Balm:-

  • Not travel-friendly during summers
  • Slightly oily on my skin

Ratings: 3.5/5

Verdict: I will repurchase this during the winter, but not before that. Too much work, I daresay.

Have you tried Figs & Rouge Aloe & Mint Lip, Face, Hand & Body Balm?

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    • I don’t have Eczema, so I won’t know. However, it is a good idea to consult a dermatologist in case you have it and apply medication prescribed by him/her.

  1. I got this in the velvett box too and gave it to my mom and she absolutely loves this as a lip balm, I am gonna tell her about the rest of the uses now.
    After your review, I am tempted to get one for myself too 😛

      • exactly!!! I would suscribe to all trust me! They give samples which is amazing, you don’t end up wasting so much money. Otherwise I end up feeling guilty 😛
        Moreover, they send full sized products often which is awesome!!!
        Overall these boxes are such a good deal 🙂
        But I just hope velvette box sticks to the quality :fingersxd:

  2. multi usable balm :-)) :yes: with minty scent. As summers have arrived, i have started using soaps n lotions wch hav minty or lemony smell.
    I havnt subscribed to this month’s V box yet, need to do fast


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