Finding Your Signature Beauty Look


Finding Your Signature Beauty Look

Why is it so necessary to have a signature look for yourself? Well, we all already have a signature look that we follow which is how people recall us when we are not in front of them. To have a signature beauty look is just like putting on makeup to ourselves in people’s thoughts.

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In our conscious mind, we all picture each other and it is scientifically proven that people register us with that particular look. When we say signature beauty look, we mean you could kind of copy right or patent that particular look for yourself or the beauty products could be known by your name as you used it. Like, for example a particular eye color that you use may be remembered as something unique to you. There is no doubt that you already must be donning a particular style of dressing up or makeup or may be hairstyle which is unique to you.

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Keep Experimenting

We are not saying that you should maintain this look forever and keep using the same products. Rather we are saying that you should maintain a look that you do to yourself every morning as your own, and people know it as your own look. Which you can obviously, experiment with whenever you want to.

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I for myself have selected a no-makeup makeup look which means I do not want to use makeup which shows up in my face and I look all done. I want it nude and natural. So for this, my signature look would have a natural colored foundation matching my skin tone may be from Lakme which I normally prefer. May be I would use a Lakme moisturizer; I love the peach milk and the smell it leaves on me.

Using makeup

My daily eye makeup would have only three products Kohl, Liner and Mascara. I won’t have the eye shadow as I usually see females wearing in different styles. See, what I don’t wear then becomes my style statement too. Rhea, okay the one who doesn’t wear an eye liner! 😀

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For my lips, I love wearing gloss to work as it keeps me look fresh all day and it is easily applicable, which you can now say is my signature style. I do apply lipsticks but that is to have a different look like experimenting with my signature look. I know some people who apply bold lip colors as part of their signature look and when they apply gloss, I know they are trying to experiment.

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Even for fragrances and deodorants, one could have a favorite. I mean people do that and have favorites for years and ages they live. This then creates a signature symbol and whenever you smell it you know who has been here earlier. This actually helps me a lot at work. I exactly come to know who all have reached office. 😀 😛

I am thus, stressing to show patronage to your favorite products, hairstyles, earrings, dressing brand, perfume, deodorant, concealer, highlighter, lip color, lip gloss and almost everything you wear daily. One could easily fall in this routine every day and soon these things become a part of you which is so you.

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You are known by the products you use or rather the products are being discussed as being you. Doesn’t it feel like being a celebrity? This is what the post was all about! You yourself are a celebrity and you should celebrate it every day.

So what is your Signature Look?

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