Finesse Self Adusting Curl Defining Mousse Review


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This is my first review on WiseShe & it’s very exciting. Whenever I hear the word “Mousse” or “Gel” the one thing that comes to my mind are the “Set Wet Hair Style Gel for Men” commercials. I wonder why there aren’t any commercials in India for hair styling products used by women. Hence, I thought of writing a review on one such product – FINESSE SELF ADUSTING CURL DEFINING MOUSSE.

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About Finesse Self Adusting Curl Defining Mousse

Finesse’s unique self adjusting formula contains a Silk & Soy Protein Complex for a touch of conditioning. It provides irresistible body and all-day hold. Comes in Extra Control, Volumizing and Curl Shaping. Has a clean, alcohol –free formula to achieve your style without flaking or build up for silky soft curl definition.

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FINESSE SELF ADUSTING CURL DEFINING MOUSSE review+best drugstore curl defining mousse

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  • Price: I paid Rs. 150 for 198 gm. MRP is not mentioned on the can and nothing is mentioned about expiration also.
  • Availability: Availability might be issue. It is mostly available at beauty centers where professional products are sold.
  • Ingredients:
FINESSE SELF ADUSTING CURL DEFINING MOUSSE ingredients+best mouuse for holding curls

My experience with Finesse Self Adusting Curl Defining Mousse:

I love to style my hair and since a year my hair has been straight. I sometimes prefer to experiment by curling my hair. However, the first time I curled my hair it was a nightmare! My curls did not last even for an hour! It was all messed up. I did some research online on curling hair and discovered using Hair Mousse or gel was very important to hold the curls in place. So, I bought FINESSE SELF ADUSTING CURL DEFINING MOUSSE.

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It comes in a blue color can with aersoal foam spray dispenser. It has a flowery kind of smell which stays in hair for long time. Hair mousse is a purple color while in the can, but after it comes in contact with air it becomes an off-white color. The way I use this product is by dividing my hair into 2 sections and apply a hand full of Mousse to 60% wet hair (tangle free), starting from roots to the tips. Then I use my curling iron as normal and wait for curls to cool down and the final result is just beautiful, soft, shiny, bouncy curls. As claimed by the brand, the Mousse added volume to hair and did hold curls for entire day, without any clumps or buildup. I had to break down my curls at the end using fingers. It is very light weight and doesn’t weigh your hair down. My experience is it works best on clean hair rather than second day hair. The curls will look more defined with clean hair.

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What i like about Finesse Self Adusting Curl Defining Mousse:

  • It’s an international branded product though very cheap.
  • It’s very convenient to use and not at all messy to apply to hair. It gets absorbed in seconds.
  • It gives soft, silky, shiny and well defined curls.
  • It makes the curls last for an entire day.
  • It’s very light weight.
  • It is alcohol free. Alcohol makes the hair dry and stiff.

What I don’t like about Finesse Self Adusting Curl Defining Mousse:

  • Availability might be a problem.
  • MRP is not listed so it will be sold at a price decided by sellers.
  • Expiration date is not mentioned.

Rating: 4.5/5

Have you tried Finesse Self Adusting Curl Defining Mousse?


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  1. First of all Congratulations Riya, welcome to the family .. Even i plan to write a review here so this i svery encouraging .. and what a product to start off with. :-)) .. nice write-up !!!! sounds like a good gift for my sis who has hair as straight as a horse’s tail.. she’ll love this one…. thanks a lot !!! :-))


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