First Time MAC Makeup Buyer -Suggestions


Upasana asks, 
Here are my requirements :p and I  hope you ladies will give me some of your best suggestion  and also give me idea of the budget required for these products.
a.) I usually don’t wear any foundation on daily basis or on occasions, therefore I require a foundation that would be perfect to buy at one time,would do justice, and would last long in terms of months too as i dont have mac store in the city where I live
b) A concealer and face powder.
c.) A blusher (either from mac or any other equivalent quality blush which is less expensive but offers good result as mac, do suggest me some shades also)
d.) I  want to buy mac carbon refill pan so do include its approx.price in the whole budget u will set 🙂
e.) And finally any other suggestions to get frm my first time  mac shopping 🙂

For budget thing I know mac is expensive and  I ‘m not sure of prices,therefore hope u’d makeout a budget thing two give me


MAC makeup guide+first time MAC makeup buyer suggestions

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  1. Ooops.. we are soul sisters I tell you 😀
    I keep bugging Ana with the same set of qns!! And I did do some research on MAC too (I guess being an analyst helps!!)
    From your reqmts I would think the budget would be close to 5k if not more!!! The MAC foundation is 1500 bucks and on an average their pdts retail at 900 – 1000!!
    Reg suggestions obviously I’ll leave it to the experts to comment 🙂

  2. hi upasana…..
    well i m not an expert as far as mac is concerned……our friend anamika and my very own mac guru akka rashmi will be able to help u out better….but i would love to tell u my fav mac products…..hope it helps a liitle….
    1. i love mac blacktrack fluidline… me after using this gel liner u will never go back to any other liner…..u can use it on lash line,on water line for tightlining and also as a base for smokey eyes…..that ways u can skip carbon refill if u want…..the refill costs approx 680 i guess….….i m not very fond of mac foundations…..i just tested them twice but they broke me out… i cant help u on that…

    3.blushes….i have only two blushes from mac….one desert rose….my absolute fav…..and other is coppertone…..and these two blushes solve my purpose well…..both are matt blushes… i m not very keen on using shimmery blushes….

    sorry again i dont use any

    5.face powder…..i have mac blott powder in pressed form….as i have uper oily skin and the compact is easy to carry around…..but though people rave about it a lot….it doesnot controll te oiliness of my face that greately as i expected……. of my fav products from mac are indian wood paint pot…..and dark diversion and siahi fluidlines…….and venetian lipgloss and twig lipstick………

  3. Hey Upasana,
    For Foundation & Concealer: There have been good reviews floating about Mac Mineralise Satinfinish foundation. It gives a dewy look and has some shiny particles. However, for me MAC has never worked in case of foundation and concealer as all their shades of every foundation/concealer variant appears a liitle wierd on me, i.e. either it’s too dark or orangey or too ashy… I prefer a base that brightens up my face and unfotunately MAC pdts have failed to do so. Suggest u buy Mac pdts only if u can visit their counter/store and check the stuff on urself. Also, after u’ve tried it on ur face and waited for min. 20 mins, check ur face in normal light as well as Mac counters have very strong lights.

    Face Powder: I use MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder and I really like it… It’s very light and if u’re looking for some coverage then, it’s not the right product. Otherwise it’s great. I have read good reviews about MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural compact also so u may try that as well if u like

    Blush: I already have so many blushes from other brands that I never bothered spending a lot on MAC… The usual criteria I have is that I prefer my blush to be really subtle and not OTT and that can be met by other cheaper but good brands. Would suggest try some cream/mousse blushes if u don’t already own one. Personally love them.

    For eyes: Buy MAC Paint Pot. Thoh, Painterly Pot is the most talked about, suggest u check out other shades and pick what u like the best as Painterly is usually a good option for base rather than mere eyeshadow.

    Dunno where u stay but would suggest that since, MAC is tad more expensive than other brands and it’s ur first purchase of the brand, it’ll be better if u visit their store or counter and test each pdt before u invest.


  4. Hello upasana- if you have oily skin and don’t want dewy finish go for MAC studio fix foundation. All MAC foundation do last for months.
    Concealer- MAC studio for under eye circle and select covey up from blemishes . it;s up to what you are looking for.
    Face powder- MAC sudio fix powder foundation gives nice coverage and good for daily use as you don’t need foundation every day.
    Blushes- Oh that one is the hardest to choose. if you like shimmer then springsheen/ peachykeen.Gingerly is one of my fav every day blush
    Don’t buy cardon it’s not worth it. it’s not the blackest black
    Paint pot are worth to buy and they last for ever. Amplified lipsticks and sheen supreme lipsricks.
    And most important thing is MAC Brushes. If you can spend money then do buy 239/217. they are the best.

    • Hi Nidhi !! 🙂 wud studio fix foundation suit me as i have combi skin ?? ?:-) i want natural coverage..

      and i am looking forward to amplified lipsticks also after reading some good reviews frm Zara :beauty: , wud chk mac 217 too :-))

  5. Wow…what a coincidence…I have also been planning to make my very first mac purchase…though my list is not this extensive…im going to buy a couple of refill eyeshadows in neutrals, one black e/s and a concealer…I have been doing a lotta research on their e/s…the refill costs 680 in india and $11 abroad. The pot will cost 900 in India and $15 abroad…so if you are thinking of buying eye shadows, we could discuss sometime!

    if you want a decent black e/s I’d suggest you look beyond carbon, because according to a lot of reviews online, carbon is not too pigmented and can be difficult to blend…do check out typographic, which is smoother and more pigmented than carbon since it is from matte2 range, while carbon is from matte. Also black tied, top knot, nehru, print, beauty marked, night-train are some other shades available in the black family. These are the ones in my to-swatch list.

    Their foundation would cost you around 1500-1600 and blush would cost 1000-1200.

    You could check out ebay and for discounts and deals on these also. Z toh hai hi, our online shopping queen to guide you!

    Bas is se zyada mujhe nai pata!

    • Hi Swati, plz don depend on ebay for MAC shopping as MAC there is highly costly and most of the time fake. is a better option but they do not have many shades ..

    • oo Gr8 swati 😀 finally Ana and Zara have made me n u too get into mac :clap-n-jump: nywas i’m goin to chennai on sunday, so wud b shoppng by nxt week 🙂 evn i wnt to ck beauty marked and typographic 😉

      • Yeah…A and Z are going to turn our parents bankrupt!! :giggle:

        Yay…you’re going to do all the looting this weekend…great…because I will get to visit a mac counter only in nov and dec!! Such a long wait before my first mac loot!! :lashes:

        BTW, when you swatch of beauty marked, typo and other e/s at mac, can you take pics of the swatches?…if you have the time for it…it would be such a huge help…

        Come back from your shopping then I will bombard you with questions!! :dance: :dance:

  6. I have bought only 2 things from MAC so far and have loved them

    MAC Pro longwear Foundation and concealer – No other concealer comes close to MAC. I have tried everything from Loreal to Oriflame to NYX to Chambor..nothing comes close. MAC is fantastic.

    But do go to the store and find your shade. If you are trying concealers, wash off your makeup from under the eyes and have the lady put it on you. you’ll know for sure what works.

    Blushes you can skip from MAC becos you get nice inexpensive ones from other brands too.

    Thanks to your post I am excited about trying Fluidline.

    • I agree with Appu.. U need to go to the store to get ur perfect shade… One more suggestion from my end which many may find surprising – Carry ur cleansing lotion or cream along ‘coz in my case the cleansing pads they use gave me a super-bad burning sensation and my skin went all red… I never knew I had such sensitive skin till then :struggle: … even the SA got worried 😀
      So, hope not but just in case u happen to experience the same u can use ur cleanser to wipe off stuff from ur face in case u checking multiple shades instead of using the ‘fire-on-face’ cleansing pads

        • haha! true… i can help u Switty! 😉 😉 Cosmo is one of the best shades to start glosses Viva Glam Vl is also fab…in blushes the safest bets are desert rose and plum foolery..if u wana try something diff, then dolly mix is sure to b a winner 🙂 do check them out…

          also in liners na, do get a fluidline for sure..Blacktrack is gorgeous and u can even use it as an e/s since its super pigmented and gorgeous…

  7. whoa soo many suggestions! love readin em all! ut no1 seems to have suggested mac’s prep+prime transparent finishing powder! :/ it’s white in color but blends on to colorless so u need not worry about going cakey(foundation) to ghostly(powder)! And it’s a primer in powder form! You must buy it!

  8. my new wishlist – Fluidine, Prep+prime, MAC brushes and perhaps the compact.. :dance: next month for sure..going to Bombay so perhaps MUFE ka bhi dekh loongi 🙂

  9. thank you anamika,,i just have one more query ..which indian credit cards can be used to purchase through paypal?pls help me as i would like to buy some products from few websites that require paypal.I verified my paypal acc with hdfc netsafe but unable to purchase with it as it is a debit card

  10. :yes: u pepol r gr8 advisers….plz advise me 2……..
    i hav combined skin type whic generally cumes out with patches with normal creams…a lot of oil cant too be handeled…suggest me sumthing….
    suggest me founedation, loose poeder and a gud eye liner not very expensive…
    waitin for ur replies………..

  11. i know babes am not a pro and am proud of the fact by trial and errors am a wise buyer and here we are at wise she for that 😀 😀 isnt it

    1. no foundations from MAC plsss no not at all , Bourjois healthy mix hands down best foundation , 950 /- INR and dont forget to ask for gifts from SA
    2.concealer : MAC is good but not a must have …but MAC select cover up is good , 1000/- INR
    . Powder : MAC blot powder is awesome if you have oily skin but again not a must have …. 1400/- INR i guess
    3. MAC blushes very good , 1150/- but will last you whole life 😀 😀
    4. MAC carbon is awesome , 680 /- for refill but you need an empty palette for refill , 400/- INr

    am off for tea .. let me know if this helps :drunk: :drunk: :drunk: :drunk: :drunk: :drunk: :drunk:

  12. For newcomers MAC is like a toyshop and you are bound to go crazy and lost there. The artists can be a bit snobbish but will offer you the best help you need. These are some of my suggestions;

    Foundation:- a bit tricky to choose, their foundations are the last thing to check but Studio fix powder foundation and Mineralize skinfinosh SPF 15 are major sellers.

    Concealers:- nothing but moisture sheer cover for under eye and Studio fix for concerns.

    Powders:- their loose powder comes in some amazing shades.

    Blushes:- I have only powder ones and these are some of them from their permanent line. Dollymix, Sunbasque, Tracegold, Mocha, Prism, Melba, Plumfoolery, Peaxhykeen and Style are some of their most amazing blushers.

    Eyes:- opt for Groundwork paint pot or Soft ochre. Eyeshadows that I love are tempting,woodwinked,nocturnelle,fig1,cork, embark, folie, humid, smut, nylon, ricepaper, coppering, cranberry, beautymarked, carbon, deep truth, contrast, stars n rockets, creme de violet, sushi flower, pink venus, typographic, sumputous olive, aquadisiac, hepcat, amberlights etc


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