Fish Recipes – Simple Fish Recipe and Benefits Of Eating Fish


By Prerana Sharma,

Fresh water fish Rohu Benefits and Recipe

One of my friend was very surprised when I told her that we eat fish everyday. She said “everyday? How do you digest such masaledar khana everyday?”

Actually in Bengali kitchen fish is not cooked masaledar at all! It is cooked in a very simple and easy way. Fish has good amount of protein in it. Along with protein, Omega-3 fatty acids are also found in oily, dark-fleshed fishes which are very good for health.

The reason why Omega-3s are healthy is, they do not convert to fat. (where as acids present in red meat are gets converted into fat)

Omega-3 fatty acids are also therapeutic. They help keep your blood from clotting excessively; lower the amount of fats, like cholesterol in the bloodstream; and reduce the risk of obesity.

Fish has other benefits too: like selenium, antioxidants (protein in fishes is easily digestible proteins whereas meat proteins are difficult to digest).

So lets start with the steps of this easy fish recipe:

Below is the pic of ingredients you will require:  
2medium onions finely chopped or grounded, 
2garlic flakes,
cumin, dry chilies, 
cumin+ginger paste and fish (here I have used Rohu fish which is cooked very often in WB)

1.    Marinate the fish pieces with little salt + turmeric and keep aside for 15min.

2.    Deep fry the fish pieces and take out in a paper towel. I have used some potato cubes also in this dish to make the gravy thick in consistency. Fry the potato pieces also lightly.

3.    Chop the onion into fine pieces.

Grind 2sp cumin + 1 inch ginger into very fine paste. In my home I use the traditional sil-batta to make this paste, the fine paste u will be able to make, the tastier this recipe will be coz all the flavors depends on this paste only.
4.    Heat mustard oil in a kadai.
5.    Put cumin, garlic, and dry red chilies for the tadka.

6.    Add chopped onion and fry till oil separates and onion become golden brown.
7.    Pour 2 cups of water. Add salt, turmeric and green chilies. Bring it to boil.
8.    Put the cumin + ginger paste and potato and stir well. Close the lid. Let if boil in low flame for 10min.

9.After 10min place the fried fishes carefully in the kadai. Close the lid again cook for 10min in low flame. (water should not get dry completely, keep checking)

10. Check the salt, add chopped coriander leaves and you are done. Serve with white rice..

Wasn’t it simple and easy? This is a very light recipe, non masaledar which is suitable for daily meals…


  1. You know what , fishes are deep fried before getting into the curry in our dishes thats why they dont smell…otherwise i have had south indian fish curry as well which sometimes smells….

  2. anamika…. me dont eat no veg as chicken or any other meat!! but i m forced to eat fish.. caz its gud for health :O :O.. and actually i like fish! 😛


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