Fitness and some of its myths

When it comes to weight loss and fitness there are tons of advises which goes around every where.Magazines, Internet, television all are full of it.Some of them are true and some are just pure simple myth.
Below are some myths which have busted by   Reema  Sarin who is a  fitness trainer and have helped many in getting shape:-
1. Muscles wil turn into fat if you stop exercising:-Muscles and fats are two different types of tissues in the body and coverting one into another is not possible.If one stop training the muscles will only shrink up in size and will not dissapear.It is only the extra calories take which wil be deposited as fat.
2.If you are not sweating, you are not working hard enough-When we sweat our body is basically trying to cool itself down.Many factors helps in sweating such as room temperature, types of exercise one do and body fat levels etc.A well trained person sweats more because there body can more effciently regulate heat.
3.Effect of taking sugar before exercising -Taking sugar leads to rise in blood sugar levels.This rapid rise stimulates a release of insulin, which quickly removes the excess sugar from the blood system and lowers doewn the blod sugar level leadinf to faster exhaustion.
4.When we age we put on more weight-Being old is not an excuse to gain weight.When we get older our lifestyle becomes more calm .The efficiency of metabolism is directly linked to how much muscles we have in our body.By doing high intensity strenght training work out once a week one can maintain body muscles mass and keep the metabolism intact.
5. One can have fat free food as much as possible-Fat free doesnt mean calorie free.Fat free is quiet an misleading word because if we over eat on anything, even fat free foods dont burn calories and our body will store the excess as fat only.
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