Fitness tip-How to take care of the skin while exercising


Most of us tend to wash our face after exercising but recently in one of the  health magazine I was reading a skin care article and the info grabbed my attention.

 The article sated that it is far more important to cleanse face properly before working out.This is because when we workout our skin penetrates and we wipe out the sweat  immediately or after a while.While wiping,  the oil and dirt, it gets deep into our skin and cause black heads and clog the  skin pores.So buy washing face before the work out there is no dirt and chances of pores getting clogged reduces to a large extent.
Also, it is best to wash the face with lukewarm water because warm water over dries the face where as cold water leaves a residue of soap behind.
I do not remember the name of the Magazine but I will try to search so that you can grab the full article.
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