Fitness tips-Achieving fitness through healthy eating habbits

With every one getting fitness consious  nowdays eating healthy has become quite popular and infact it has become need of the day too.One needs to have varitey to foods to get proper amount of energy and nutrients without dumping too much of fats and calories in their body.
Below are some tips which will make you feel energetic without gaining weight and wasting much of your time.
1.Always check the nutritional information which is available at the back of the packaging.Eat food which is low in sodium content .According to the nutritionist one should not take 1000 milligrams of sodium a day.
2.Avoid much salt and try to intrdouce natural spices in your food.For example Instead of using red pepper powder use green chillies in the curries.Taking too much of salt in your diet causes fluid retention in the body which leads to diseases like blood pressure.
3.Don’t stick to one type of food and try to consume various types of food .It not only helps you in enjoying different  food but also develops healthy habbits.
4.Market is full of products which are low in fat and therefore try to avoid too much of fattening products.
5..Do not take one hevay meal at a time.Try to eat food in moderate quantity .
6.Try to go for oragnic food instead of additivies.
7.Eat corns and grains which contains strach and keeps you energetic whole day.
8.Avoid sweetend soft drinks and replace them with fresh fruit juices .
9 To stay healthy stick to low-cholesterol and high-fiber dishes.
10.Do not try to make changes in one go.Try to develop healthy habbits slowly and steadly.
11.Make sure you eat your breakfast as early as possible.
12.Fix up your eating out day so that you know when will you get your treat .This will prevent you from eating out every now and then.
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