Five Beauty sleep tips


By Gunjan,


To avoid gaining weight and have good skin minimum eight hour of sleep is mandatory for us.Below beauty sleep tips can be of your help for this.

1.Drink warm milk before going to bed and add a tbsp. of honey in it.

2.Fix up your regular hours for sleeping and waking.Your body will automatically be adjusted to it and you will not have to try too hard for it.

3.Try reading a book.

4.Doing meditation before bed time keeps you calm and regulate sleep.

5.Keep your room at a comfortable temperature.

If above tips don’t help you out then visit a doctor immediately.

If you have any tips to share with us then mail us at anamika(at)wiseshe(dot)com.Tip will be published under your name along with blog link.


  1. I am too lazy in drinking milk …but i generally have two or three times a week with some cornflakes or mousli.
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  2. should have there dinner before 2 hours of there fact my friend who went to dietitian for weight loss was recommended to drink milk if she was hungry after having her dinner.

    only thing is you can take toned milk …
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  3. No it doesnt if it is a toned milk..if you are drinking full fat milk the it willl.. check it out..there should be some effect for sure by now..if you have taken 150 grams of ajwain and that too baba ramdev pure honey:)
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  4. i had read in a magazine related to weight loss that dont drink milk just before going to bed

    drink it before 2 hours of sleep…………………….

    now tell me the right time to drink milk plz

  5. No is 50 grams only…mm sad that your weight still have not changed..this remedy worked for mom…but if u have been dedciately doing it then do it for 45 days..may be it brings some change.but i m glad at least it didnt increase weight.


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