Five Best of Elle 18 Color Bombs



Top Five Elle18 Color Bombs

Now when most of us have got hold of these pretty beauty Elle 18 bombs lets pick  the best out of the whole range.

My first pick will be Elle 18 Nails pops.I just loved the cute little nail paints which are in mind blowing 48 shades and cost just Rs 45 for 5ml.Though 5ml is pretty less but I loved their colour range.Nail polishes didn’t  chipped much and the colour shades were quiet interesting which we rarely expect from  Lakme.You can see the swatches of elle 18 color bombs nail pops swatches here and here

Elle 18 color burst lipstick – These were pigmented, creamy and stayed for 4-5 fours (without taking any meals in between.)To make them last long I did apply some foundation on  my lips before putting them on.Lipstick are  moisturizing and were prices just Rs 100 for4.3ml.

elle 18 color bombs nail paints

I got Elle 18 color burst pomegranate pie for myself and enjoyed wearing it.You can read the full review here and swatches of rest of the lipsticks here.

Best part of these lipsticks was that one can buy them for experimenting any Lipstick shade before splurging on other high end brands.

Elle 18 Colour burst pomegranate pie

Elle 18 KajalPriced Rs 65 for 3ml .This kajal comes third in my elle 18 favorites.It does smudge a bit but it is creamy and quiet intense.


Elle 18 kajal

Elle 18 Black out eyeliner -A jet black liquid eyeliner , priced Rs 65 for 5ml is water resistant too.What I didn’t like about the eyeliner was its brush which was too short for comfort.

Elle 18 eyeliner

Elle 18 Eye Sparkles – These eyeliners were not at all pigmented thought they were smooth in application because of almond in them.Available in five  interesting colours.You can see the swatches here .Eyeliner didn’t stay on my eyes and I wasn’t much impressed with its pigmentation too..So :no: for this one.You can read the review here

Elle 18 eyeliner pencil

Did you buy Elle 18 Color Bombs?? Do rank them 🙂

I didn’t buy the elle 18 glosses .Did you try them?


  1. dear, i never got to see the complete Elle 18 color bomb collection. My locality is something from the ICE AGE, which doesnt stock basic brands like elle 18 and lakme….one provision store fellow had only nail colors and nothing else….he says, same colors madam, packaging changed and price hiked thats it…..i wud love to see the gloss range….

  2. out of this whole… i have only back out liner and i like it :heart: 😎 .
    the bottle is cute and pigmentation and quality is good for that much money :clap: :clap: .
    hey finally i got a couple of skincare products :dance: which i have been cribbing for since long that i am running out of lotions. i have to drive mom to some market some days back and “mauka milte hi chauka maar diya” :victory: . m happy person now 😀 😀

  3. The store close to my place – finally has some of these eyeliners & lipsticks – but no testers! So I skipped these completely – I feel that all the money for the launch of Elle 18 was poured into the Ads itself – no thought given to supply chain issues 😛

    • ooch!!!sooooo!!!wonderful!!! eye sparkles coloursful lucking dance :tap //

  4. ooch………….wow!!!……….soooooo!!!!wonderful colours looking like eye sparkles dance


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