Five Best Tips To Pick the right foundation


By Puneeta,

Picking up the right foundation color for your skin tone is extremely important not only for bringing out the perfect look, but also because an uneven skin tone can also make your skin appear to be older than usual. In a way, that’s even worse than wrinkles. I’ve gathered some handy tips to select the right foundation for your skin tone –

1. Match your skin tone
Firstly, The foundation color should always match your skin tone. Ivory or beige toned ladies often have a tendency to get tempted with looking fairer than they really are. It’s not a great idea to be tempted by the fairness, your skin tone will mostly define your foundation color.


2. Try before buy
You should always try the foundation to verify if it matches suitably with your skin. For instance, for liquid foundations, take a small amount and rub on your cheek. If it is almost non-apparent- it’s the perfect pick, however, if you can see that area of skin in comparison to the rest then it’s not your color.

3. Discover your skin type
Do you have an oily skin? If yes, you might enjoy the mineral powder foundations because they’ve oil absconding properties. Similarly, for people with dry skin – try a moisturizing foundation. I know it will appear to be a heavy cream, but your face will thank you! For those with normal skin, you can check a mineral powder foundation, a cream to powder foundation or an oil free liquid foundation. Dont be wary of trying out. Check them for yourself and decide the one you like

4. Skin care program
A good skin care program, appropriately designed for your skin type (dry, normal, combination, oily etc.) will make your foundation go on smoothly and give you that flawless finish you need for the occasion and otherwise. It can consist of a cleanser, exfoliator, toner, and moisturizer. Your foundation always goes on last.

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  1. gud post..!! loved the last tip most..!! pplz forget to take care of their skin and then they hope foundation will create the magic..! hihihi!! i was one of them 😛 :P…

  2. i try to spend more on skin care products in comparison to makeup products.
    But this was a nice post, being oily skined i still struggling to find best foundation that matches my skin tone!!!

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  4. i got the antique ones…yes i saw those nepali girls..people were buying those flowers so much….i didnt c the harem pants though as i was in rush.


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