Five Clothing Tips all Curvy Women Should Know


 I do not consider myself to be thin. Oh, no, I have curves and I am very proud of them. Over the years, I have met many women, who have no respect for their bodies. They equate themselves to their figure, adhering to an image which is elusive at best, and self-hating at worst. I will say one thing here. It is a crucial thing to be fit, no matter what size you are.

However, I have seen that most women who are curvy, and yes, bigger than the rest, tend to wear clothes which are really unflattering. However, I have seen many curvy women with an amazing sense of dressing. For example, Nigella Lawson. She is so amazingly well turned-out that she looks gorgeous, no matter where she is. I love the way she plays up her pale beauty and accessorizes so easily.

The truth is, clothing is a very important thing for any woman, and I for one make the most of my body and face. Without further ado, let me talk about the five clothing tips which you should definitely keep in mind while dressing up.

 tips for curvy women

  • Do you know the saying in Hindi – “Aap ruchi Khana, Par ruchi parna”? It means, when you are eating, since they are your taste buds, you should eat what you like. But, make it a point to wear clothes which will induce compliments in others. You might think that the violet pants with the bright emerald top went gorgeously against you, but did you wonder why no one else was complimenting you? The truth is, when you wear clothes, try to make others see what you are wearing. It is always a good idea to take the opinion of someone else, possibly a person who is unbiased and also aware of fashion.
 curvy women style tips
  • Know what will flatter you. Please do not wear that balloon top with those tight pants like the girl next door just did, because you think you will look as good. With your luck, and skinny legs, you probably look like a lollipop. Make sure you do not wear clothes which are not flattering to you. This means, if fashion dictates you wear clothes which are tight, does not mean you will be wearing it.
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  • Underwear counts. Yes, when you feel not just beautiful, but strong inside, you will feel strong on the outside too. That is why you should wear fitted underwear. If you are not a good judge, and tend to squash your upper body, you probably will end up looking really drab and bad. Remember that beautiful trouser that looked hideous because your panty line showed through it? Or that exclusive sari you wore just did not suit your figure because your undies were too unflattering. It is a good idea to invest in good underclothes, especially after you turn 25, because that is when the body starts to sag in places, and especially for women with a heavy upper body, it becomes difficult to retain shape, especially after they have borne a child or more. So, yes, set aside some money, and buy expensive underwear. They will last you a lot longer than most, so do not despair.
  • Fit it. Wearing clothes which are fitted is a very important thing for a curvy girl. When you wear clothes that are too tight or too loose, you only end up showing off the areas which are known to be problematic. There is nothing wrong with being fat or overweight, as long as you exercise, eat right, and maintain a healthy body. However, no need to pull attention to your love handles or bulging muffin top by wearing too tight clothes, or those tops which leave parts of your body exposed that should have been covered. On the other hand, wearing something very loose will make people dismiss you as overweight, when clearly you are not.
  • Learn the art of making a statement with clothes, makeup and accessories. Please do not team violent colors together with violent makeup, or drab colors with really drab makeup. It is important to accessorize and know what goes with what. Because a lot of us have no clue about how we look when we wear something we fail to carry off. So make it a point to wear stuff which actually goes together with the rest. It does make a huge difference to anyone’s image.

These are simple tips which all curvy women should know and follow. They are dead simple and would really go a long way.

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      • I agree…I see so many of my friends doin that thinking they look super smart..n they don’t listen I I make a well, I keep my mouth shut n let them be..I was actually taking whether I was d only fashion challenged person who dint understand but now ur balloon statement makes me feel so much better 😉

  1. :handshake: i totally agree…!a new reader…there was a phase in my life when i tried all the drastic steps to make myself sticky thin…but now i have learnt to love my curves,flaunt them off ,and be proud of what i have!I do find it difficult to find a fitting jeans,or feel sad that super shorts wont look flattering on me..but then at the same time,salwar suits with the right cut looks super hot on me…the right kind of short dresses show my curves!!be proud ,dress sensibly!!!awsome post

    • Hi Resma,

      Welcome to wise she..this is true that we always want to be thinner than what we are..but loving our body is so important..i use to try look good in many outfits just because it was a trend but now i am much more wiser that way.:) also after gaining some 14 kg in my pregnancy it was difficult for me to see myself this loaded but now i feel much better..its not that i am not losing weight.i have lost 10 kg right now but i do have to lose more but best thing is i have started enjoying wearing new clothes again 🙂


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