Five easy Baking tips

                                                                  Top 5 Baking tips
 I have been trying my hand in baking since a year . Some times  my dish turned out groovy where as some time they were a disaster. During my baking journey I discussed lot of  baking ideas with Ishika and Gunjan and those tips have helped me many times.I am listing down one of the best baking tips which I have heard or come across.
1. Do not over mix or over bake the recipe.I tried to use my ideas in baking and after many horrible experience I have learnt that sticking to the recipe is always a better idea.
2. Always pre – measure the recipe ingredients and read the recipe carefully.

3.Use glass measuring cups for liquid ingredients.They are easily available in market and help in baking a lot.

4. Use fresh ingredients as much as possible .

5. Metal non stick baking pans gives out the best in baking.Using aluminum ones are good for only pie baking.

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  1. ASK MY EXPERIENCE Once i thought of baking a chocolate cake on my birthday..i spent 5 hours on it:P
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  2. Candy if u spend 5 hours on your brithday in baking u wont feel like having anything:P
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  3. i just got home from work hungry.. and look what i see..:) i'm drooling now…:)

    thank you for stopping by, for your sweet comments… hugs my sweet friend,
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  4. dhatt… mungfali kha kha ke chocolate ko bhulaya… ab fir chocolate yaad dila di :(( :((
    ghor kalyug… emotional atyachaar kia ja raha hai!


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