Five factor diet plan -An heathy and a quick weight loss diet plan


After Jessica simpson revealed her weight loss secret. To know about Jessica simpson weight loss click here. The five factor diet followed by Jessica is taking the world by storm. This diet was made by Harley Pastermak and helps in losing weight quickly and effectively. The diet is known as five factor diet as it follows 5 points of principle.
1. Taking 5 meals a day
2. Take 5 ingredients per recipe
5. Diet should be cooked in five minutes.
With this diet plan 25 minutes work out schedule should also be followed and that too five days a week.Diet programme allows you to cheat one day in a week which other diet programme rarely follows.
With each meal you have to keep in the mind the five criteria for the diet. You must take low fat but quality protein, fiber, healthy fat, low to-moderate glycemic index carbohydrates and a sugar-free beverage.
You can choose one day as your cheat day( preferable Sunday )which is called as cheat day in the diet too.

In breakfast you can take egg whites or apple cinnamon, sugar free cereals with fresh fruits and can have not fat cottage cheese too. You can include oatmeal too in your diet which will add protein too in your diet.
Lunch consists of lots of soups and salads and with no bread or rice.
Dinner can be of lean chicken/steak/fish and vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, cauliflower and other fiber foods. You can plan out your diet the rest of the day according to the principals.
The diet claims to see result in a very short period of time. The basic aim of the diet is to include healthy food with right calories and improve metabolism too.
With the diet there is also the five factor work out which is strictly followed each day. Workout involves dumbles and bench exercises. Starting with five minutes cardio warm-up to increase the heart rate to about 70 percent then the strength training which is done with sets and reps. This too is done for five minutes. Work out is only for 25 minutes and therefore all core exercises are done for five minutes only .Last five minutes includes cardio which is to cool down the body .

Advantage of five factor diet is that it makes you eat healthy and cheat once in a week regularly. It doesn’t ask you to starve or claims to get result without working for it.
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