Five Minute Easy Scarf Hair Braid Tutorial with Video


Do you love styling your hair but due to time issues can’t find time to do so? If you are a working woman or a college going girl with long hair, it is really boring to do a ponytail or braids every day. Moreover, buns suit corporate look more than any casual or informal date. So what to do? Leave hair open? Your hair will be all ruined and affected by pollution when you do that! So you need a good hairstyle that will look trendy and will consume just 5 minutes of your daily life. So let’s get started with the easy peasy hair tutorial.  😀


hair style


Step 1

Make a front puff. Then secure the puff with a hair band and insert a scarf into it.

Step 2

Then take the puff ponytail. Divide it into 2 portions and start making a braid on either side.

Step 3

The braid will be a normal braid just like you do on a normal basis but the only twist is braid with the scarf.

Step 4

Secure the braid with a hair band. Do the exact same for the other side as well.

Step 5

Loosen up the front section a bit to make it puffier. This makes the puff look more voluminous.

Step 6

Attach the scarf at the back. And leave the hair open.

The ideal time to do this hairstyle:

This hairstyle can be done on the day you wash your hair and also the following day.

This is ideal for medium to long hair and will make your hair look much thicker and voluminous. It is ideal for everyday wear and can be worn to casual meets and college. If you please, you can just tie up your hair in a messy bun after a hard day! And that’s it. You are ready to rock girl!




You can check the whole video here for a better illustration:


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