Five Minutes Coconut Laddu Recipe – Wise She Weekend Treat


Every body asks me how  I manage to take care of an infant , manage work , gym and do other things as well. Answer is short cuts :D.Follow the method which is least time consuming. Ofcourse trick is not possible in many things but this is what I did while making these coconut laddus .It’s a simple laddu recipe which  hardly takes five minutes provided you have all the ingredients available with you.

I didn’t plan to make this into a post and idea struck to me at the last moment so pictures are not that clear.Please pardon me for that.


coconut laddu recipe conensed milk


Coconut Laddu Recipe requires just few ingredients which are as follows:-

  • Condensed milk: 1 cup
  • Dessicated coconut: 2 cups (leave a few tbsp aside)


People generally fry the coconut to get rid of raw taste of coconut .I skipped the step and just put all  dessicated coconut in a bowl.


coconut laduu recipe



Add condensed milk into the coconut


condensed milk for coconut laddu


Combine the mixture such that the mixture is neither too thick or too runny.Now if you are like me you will definitely make mistake at this point.Worry not, you can add more coconut or condensed milk to get the right consistency to roll out the laddus.Now form laddus of this mixture


and roll them out in remaining coconut .This will give laddus some texture and they won’t be soft.


coconut recipes five miutes


Voila! Coconut Laddus are ready 🙂


coconut laddu recipes five minutes


Quiet easy peasy na ? Do share your five minute recipe if you have one 🙂


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  1. I love coconut dishes & ur laddus look delicious Ana :yes: :yes: :yes: ……I guess u used sweetened condensed milk, gonna try them once our holi gujhiyas r finished :dance-left-right:

  2. Wow this is super simple.. I just made roti ka ladoos!! Lunch had become too spicy heheh! Hubby had smoke coming outta his ears!!

  3. how amazingly easy is this!! :yes: Love u for posting this recipe ana. :hug-makeup: I was just lookin to make sumthin new for dessert and this will do. 🙂 After all, i do live in the land of coconuts :-p


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