Five minutes Home made herbal green tea toner with step by step pictures

Preparing facial toner is easy , simple and it suits almost all skin types.Green tea toner which is prepared in less then five minutes hydrates the skin , helps in combating pollution and prevents the skin by the micronutrients .The best part of home made toners are that they are alcohol free and therefore  sensitive skin and dry skin people will not have to worry at all.

Lets learn how to make it and then know more of its benefits later:-


Step1-Take 2 cups of water in a pan and boil it.

Step2-Add 2 tea bags of green tea.I dont have tea bags so I used the green tea leaves. Only thing is I have to filter the water later on.

Step3-Boil the water with the leaves for 2-3 minutes until it changes it colour.

Step4-Filter the water with the help of a sieve and let it get cool for a while.

You are done.

Just store the toner in a spray bottle.I used my previous lotus herbal toner bottle and use it twice a day.If you do not have a spray bottle then you can soak a cotton ball in the toner and apply it all over your face and neck.

This toner can be kept in the fridge for around two weeks easily.Also, do not store the toner in a metal or a steel container.


*Green tea helps alleviate allergy symptoms.Reduces inflammation and it lessens the release of other- mediated chemicals in the body.

*Green tea soother the skin and is great on acne.It helps in reducing blemishes.Also, do not rinse if you have acne .Let the skin imbibe the toner.

*As green tea has antioxidants and anti -inflammatory activities , tropical green tea polyphenols are likely to slow down the development of some signs of aging.



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  1. I love toners and infact keep trying different toners every now and then..but this green tea toners prevents acne and remove blemishes so i love it the most..

  2. got some green tea oil but i reckon this one from the teabag is better to use for some redness. wearing red face today cuz i didnt put on enough sunblock earlier lol.

  3. Ok Ok Ok!!!It is wonderfull.when u make it i will tell u one more thing to reap out the maximum benefit from this toner:)

  4. wow…u did that..send me the pic of the toner yaar… i would love to post it on wise she..also it is totally herbal so your skin is going to love it..keep it in the fridge :)alright:)

  5. How come i mised this one???!!! I have a whole pack of Green Tea bags lying just like that….i prefer proper tea and not bag-wale tea..i will use it up this way…thanks a ton….will try it once i'm back in hyd…

  6. how is marriage going girl ??u know i simply love it ..this was really organic..and thanks to Uzma she reminded me this one again.:)

  7. Hi there, this is a wonderful resource site. Thanks a ton. 🙂
    The green tea toner sounds awesome. Have leaves at home. But I stay at a hostel and I wanna know how long it stays good without storing in fridge. In refrigerator, you said 2 weeks. I wish it stays for a week at least.

  8. Hey ,,,,Just read this blog…..The skin toner recipe sounds really cool…Would like to know if I can use the Organic India’s green tea which also contains tulsi (Basil)


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