Five Minutes Quick & Easy Side Bun Tutorial


I now have a cute model who has real thick, shiny and silky hair on whom I keep trying different hair styles especially braids. I love braids no matter if they suit me or not but its so difficult to take your own picture while doing a tutorial so never did it here .Lolz.

Today we did this simple side bun which is a simple hair tutorial which one can wear anywhere.I think if your office is not that strict then you can easily wear it there too.It won’t take you more than five -ten minutes.
braid style makeup tutorial final


Here goes the step by step hair tutorial :-

Step 1- Take a small chunk of hair  and divide the hair into half.


Side braid bun hair tutorial


  • Step2 – Take the half of your hair nearest to your face and put it over other strand as shown in the picture below. Keeping adding strand of hair below and  put that strand over the other strand. Keep your hand close to the hair so that it doesn’t loosen up.


divide the hair chunks into two parts


End result will look like this.



French Twist tutorial


Finish twisting your hair till then end and grab all the hair and make simple every day braid where we separate the hair into three strands and braid normally.


French Twist tutorial


Braid it till the end and close the braid with a tight rubber brand.


Finish twisting your hair until the end and tie off temporarily.


Now with a help of a bigger rubber band, tie up a side bun. Please take a little thin width rubber band(this shouldn’t be visible)  I kept searching but didn’t find one and didn’t want to waste time in searching for it.


side bun tutorial pretty and easy


To keep the bun intact use bobbi pin where ever required in the bun and we are done 🙂


five minutes side bun hair tutorial


More Hair tutorial here:-



  1. wow…simply wow…
    i thought it will be very difficult but the way u did it is simply awesome.nice and easy..i too love braids,side braids and learnt french braid too butmy hair are cut inlayers so i find it difficlt to do as i want it to be neat !!!
    i am surely gonna do this nw………………………. :yes: :yes: :rock-n-roll: :rock-n-roll: :victory: :victory:

  2. We used to do something simular when flying .. Only bun was in centre and secured with an invisible net .. Its a five ruppee patla sa thing with a rubberband attached

  3. Seriously.fabulous.period 😀 btw kaunsa shampoo conditioner! 😀 awesome tutorial! 🙂 i keep pestering my mom to try such hairstyles on me, mumma sunti hi ni hain x( :'(

  4. This one looks sooo good, when it comes to hair style , I really dont know any , I must learn these, as I dont know any style , I always cut my hair short, with steps and layers, ! this month again am going for a hair cut ! :p

  5. It seems to be very easy but trying our own may be a bit dificult. :-/
    But I loved the way its looking, really superb :-))
    Ana, u are fab in everything :hug-makeup:


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