Five Must Have Oriflame Products


By Riya,

Lately I have been reading many Oriflame product reviews on your blog and I am interested in buying some of them.I went through the Oriflame catalogue which my neighbor gave me but I am so confused now.:thinking:Can you help me in letting me know which 4-5 five Oriflame products should I start from?

Five Must Have Oriflame Products


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  1. oriflame milk and honey soap :-* :-* :-* :-* [4 stars]
    oriflame optimals white day fluid or cleanser :-* :-* :-* :-*
    oriflame beauty eye intensity pencil in silver prune and black :-* :-* :-* :-*
    very me peach me tinted moisturiser :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*
    lip spa therapy :-* :-* :-* :-*
    power curl mascara :-* :-* :-*
    these are the products i have personally used and found very effective

  2. hi,let me hope u find this helpful…:) here goes-:
    1) milk and honey soap bar(most successful soap)
    2) spa head band
    3) cleansing sponges(very useful and inexpensive)
    4)pure color lippies (if u wanna try a lip color priced at 79/-)
    5)eyelash curler ( supposed to be good)
    6) milk and honey sugar scrub
    7) milk and honey bodywash
    8) tender care caramel(very nice multifuntional product this)
    9) natural care tender care( similar to the above regular variant)

  3. Riya, Priyanka & Amritha have mentioned most of the products, but I would still like to add. You must definetly try their foot care products,they are good :yes:

  4. Wow this blog is a God Sent right now coz i have a huge Oriflame voucher given to me and had NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what to get….Thanks to you gals i now have an Idea starting with the milk and honey sugar scrub and the lip spa therapy…Thank you ladies… xoxo :heart:

  5. i haven’t used lots of oriflame products. but, i would suggest,
    1. milk and honey gold soap. i’m using it currently. 😀
    2. oriflame essentials mono eyeshadow.
    3. eye intensity pencils.

    hope it helps…. :))

  6. Riya, though you didnt mention which range u want as in shincare, bodycare, makeup hair care etc… but i will tell you few awsome products from all ranges:
    – Peach me perfect: must must mist have (they have relaunched the product n its awsome)
    – Facial cleansing sponge: very nice n reliable thing for cleaning of face etc.
    – milk and honey gold soap or silk and cashmere soap, try once u’ll love it
    – eyelash curler: cheap and durable and good quality product which is on discount this week so its a must buy this month
    – there are mono eyeshadows in “oriflame beauty” range: very soft and pigmented shadows.. lovely colors
    – grape antioxidant peel off mask: another awsome quality and must try product.

    the list can go on and on.. bt since u asked 4-5 products,these are my suggestion
    will update if i could recall another more worth product to replace or add in the list :-)) :-))

    • :YES: :YES:

      By the way there are two oriflame consultants out here which includes Adivaah and Meenu..u can contact them whenever u want some discount 😛

  7. Mine would be
    1. Air Soft Powder
    2. Peach Me Perfect
    3. Eye Intensity Pencil
    4. Wonderlash Mascara
    5. Very Me Lip Stain & Lip Gloss
    This is the best & the most pocket friendly purchases one can make from Oriflame 🙂

  8. Eye Intensity Pencils.They are super creamy and glide on easily.
    Visions Lipstick which are priced at 80rs or so.Good pigmentation and easy to carry.
    Giordani scented body cream.It smells absolutely heavenly.
    Any of their perfumes.All of them are good with fair prices.
    Soothing foot cream with chamomile.Don’t know whether they have been discontinued but these are damn amazing.

  9. am an avid oriflame user and also a basic agent, so i think my list should count!!!

    1. Feminelle Refreshing Intimate wash
    2. Overnight moisturizing Avocado Foot cream
    3. Visions Naughty Lipgloss
    4. Eye Intensity pencil(all shades)
    5. Amber elixir Perfume

  10. Hello Meenu or Adivaah,

    Even i want to buy few oriflame products can you help me or if you know any consultants in Bangalore (Whitefield Area), can you please direct me to them?

  11. 1. For any bride-to-be the Dare to dream Make-up palette!
    2. Business Chic Handbag- Its professional and uber cool!
    3. Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow
    4. The Babes Passion Berry Fragrance- The bottle is supa cute and the fragrance out of the world refreshing!
    5. Giordani Gold range of products, a bit expensive, but always worth it!

  12. 5 Oriflame products i found best:
    1 Amber Elixer Perfume
    2 Wonder Lash Mascara
    3 Soothing Foot Cream with chamomile
    4 Tender Care
    5 Optimals White Matty day lotion

  13. my bag says in order of the priority:
    1)tender care lip balm
    2)white day fluid spf 15
    3) optimals white toner
    4)giordani gold blush balls
    5) eye lash curler

    Have not tried the perfect me oeach tint and wonder lash mascara have orderd them today itself

    “This my first post here. hop you like it”


  14. I like the following 5 products:
    Ruby Gold Lipsticks
    New Felicity Perfume
    Milk & Honey Nourishing Cream
    Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls
    Optimals Nutri Clam Night Cream

  15. Hello everyone…m new here…from all ur above comments i found the oriflame products would be really gud…even i want to try m really in need of ur suggestions…culd u pls some suggest me some products which wil help to reduce ma pimples and marks from ma i wil be getting married in 2 months i want to get rid of all d marks on ma face…hope u wil definitely help me …

  16. Oriflame products are of top quality and can npt be the reason why you got pigmentation.

    The following are my fav:
    grape fash wash for oily/combination skin( I swear by it)
    pressed powder, think they have relauched it now
    even out dark spots fading day cream( one of the best ever range of products)
    The whole foot care range
    fairness soap(smells great)
    amethyst fatale
    kajal eye liner( <3 it)
    tulip hand cream
    aloe lip balm
    papaya shampoo
    spray on hair conditioner( for normal hair)
    sugar scrub

    Almost all of their products are great 🙂 happy taking care of your skin 🙂

  17. helllo everyone..i found u all interesting so thought of askn suggestion from u guys….can u plz tel me a really good moisterizer with fainess formula as i hv wheatish complexion and dry skin…i hv tried som products but its of no use… :wallbash: so i wanna knw if there is any product that will satisfy ma need…help me guys :help:

  18. 1. Even Out :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
    2. Urban Shield Foundation :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
    3. Essentials Face Mask (really love it) :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
    4. Colour Attraction Baby Beige :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
    5. Eye Intensity pencil :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

    Emmmmmmm Tender care and Lip Spa Therapy 😀

  19. Hi all,
    me being a regular user of oriflame products wanna suggest 5 very essential products..hope you find it useful..

    1) optimals cleansing milk (if you are a not a frequent face wash user) or aloevera face wash (doesn’t dry ur skin and is suitable for all skin types)..

    2) oriflame oxygen boost cream ( gives u a great skin and convenient too as it can be used both day and night)

    3) a giordani foundation ( bit costly but worth it)..

    4) optimals white peel off mask

    5) milk and honey body wash..
    The product range is endless..if any of u have any questions feel free to ask me..i can suggest u the right products depending on your skin type..
    rimi… :lipstick:

  20. hi, my sweetest oriflem usrs. i us such a wonderful beauty products. i lv it very much. the peach me perfect skin glow, blackberry lipstik, eye pencil rrrrrrrrrrr realy good product. and i want 2 join a oriflem consultant, can u help me. pllllllllllllez. lov u oriflem. thnkz.

  21. My 5 must have oriflame products (am a basic consultant and loyal brand follower of oriflame)

    All of these are better than most low end and a few high end products in their category. And I could do a top 10 list easily because they have so many products which are worth the spend.

    1. Peach me perfect
    2. Very Me Clickit Eyeliner in brown
    3. Oriflame kajal
    4. Pure Nature organic Aloe and Arnica (the best face cleanser)
    5. Lavender and Fig Body Wash

  22. hi I am new to oriflame. soorry asking this question here. I recenty brought milk & honey gold smoothing sugar scrub, but I am confuse ( as no diretion for use is written on it) weather it is face scrub or a body scrub? and how frequently it is to be used? is it to be used like other scrub with circular massage for 1-2 min? Please give your advice. Thankxin advance

  23. Hi, I have wheatish skin tone and want to buy Giordani gold age defying foundation but i am confused which shade would suit me , porcelin , natural ivory or natural beige .. please if someone can advise me urgently. thanks

  24. Hi,
    Honestly for an Oriflame fan like myself, it is hard to only choose 5 products but here goes my list:
    1) Bronzing pearls
    2) Peach Me perfect
    3) Studio Artist Concealer
    4) Beauty smooth definer
    5) Aqua-Rhythm Intense Hydration Youth Preserve Day Cream

    Enjoy 🙂

  25. Am huge fan of oriflame skin care products..
    Optimals cleansing milk-Fav cleansing milk
    Optimals normalising toner -fav toner for my sensitive skin
    Optimals even out Night cream-really creamy texture..
    Milk and honey gold creamy soap..smells amazing
    Milk and honey gold smoothing sugar scrub
    Milk and honey nourishing hand and body cream
    Tender care caramel- multipurpose cream
    Hv ordered ecobeauty smoothing day and night cream.. A bit expensive but its 100% paraben and other harmful chemical free..!!

  26. I am such a huge fan of Oriflame, that few days back I discovered that more than 50% of the bodycare, haircare and make up stuff that I use is from Oriflame. My aunt was into it and would get me most of them. I love it so much that I decided to become a consultant and became one in koramangla, Bangalore last month.. I have a long list of my favourite ones and most of which are covered… eagerly waiting to pick up the Oriflame BB cream launching next month yuhooooo


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