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Five Must Know Ingredients For Sensitive skin

 Skin sensitivity varies from person to person. There can be many reasons why a person skin becomes allergic to something. There are girls who develops rashes with just one light prick of a needle. No matter how insensitive skin one might be having but it is guaranteed that all of us are vulnerable to getting allergies. One can suffer from allergies when an ingredient in cosmetic doesn’t suit or go well with the skin. It results in our skin to become red and sore. Lets know Five Must Know Ingredients For Sensitive skin.

Most of the skin allergies are due to ingredients that the product contains. Therefore it is necessary to read the labels carefully before grabbing any cosmetics. One important terms which that one needs to read are:

Expiry date

Deadline of the product used is important but one should also know that the way a person uses a product can make it expire much before then what its expiry date is. Using products where germs transmission is high is supposed to be expired much before.

Alcohol free product

If a product is alcohol free then  it doesn’t contain any ethyl alcohol but other other types of alochol can still be present in the product.

Fragrance free product

There might not be any smell in the product but fragrance can be added in the product to reduce down the chemicals odors.


This indicate that the product is less likely to cause any allergies still all products can cause allergies over time whether hypoallergenic or not.  

Non comodegenic

Products that are not suppose to clog pores or cause acne are referred as comodegenic.

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  1. Very nice article anamika. I usually never check ingredients before buying, nor these labels and Im sure going to do that from now on

  2. rupa it is high time companies stop making fool of indian innocent customers..time to jaago grahak jaago..

    i too have started taking care of the ingredients and it is really needed now when markets are growing up.

  3. Girls from smaller towns get cheated sometimes when they are sold old, expired prdts – they don't realize it untill they use thr prdt & it turns out to be spoilt – U r absol right, grahak shd jaago 😀
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