Five Must Know Simple Beauty Tips And Bizarre Too ;)


Hello Wise She Readers, This is Somya and I am sharing some of my favourite simple beauty tips with you .Everyone have their some or other best beauty tips which they swear by so I thought of listing down and sharing them with few of my favorites and here they go πŸ™‚

1. Greasy Hair – You make a sudden dinner plan but your hair look greasy then your loose powder can help you out. Just take a big fluffy makeup brush and dust a bit of it on your roots.This soaks most of the oil (not all ) which makes hair look decent enough to go out.

2.Stained Nails – If you are dealing with stained nails problem then soak your nails in lemon juice for five minutes .This will instantly brighten your nails. Nails generally get stained due to dark nail polishes so choosing a lighter shade is always a better option.

3. Perfumed Soap – I generally get all my soaps together and open their cover. Now place them in a closed places or almirah where you keep your innerwear. Your innerwear will smell delicious πŸ˜›

4.Zits – Got unwanted zits and have to attend a party tomorrow then apply colgate (the old white one) on your zits for half an hour and rinse it off.If it is a really bad zit then it will be half by morning and a small one will vanish away.

5 Instant Shine – Want to party whole night after a hectic day of work then just mix lemon juice and honey and apply it on your face.Wait for 10 min and wash it off with water.You will get the instant glow without much of an effort.

6.Thin lips solution – Want your lips to look plump? Apply a small amount of cinnamon powder on your lips .Cinnamon acts as an irritant and plum up your lips.

Last but not the least drink water  and more water.None of the above tips will work if one doesn’t drink adequate amount of water.Water cleanses the body and remove all the toxins from it.

and here I am listing down some of the Bizzare beauty things which I recently read.

*Victoria Beckham is a fan of pigeon -excreta facial. Priced close to Rs10,000 the bird poop used is rid of germs and churned into a cream πŸ˜€

*In northern Isreal, you can get a back massage by snakes!The non-poisonous snakes slither across your back and their weight gives the kneading you need.

*A bull- semen hair treatment is on offer at Hari’s salon in London.The semen is combined with katera(plant root from Iran) for this protein rich concoction applied as a mask on wet hair.

*Board of plain old milk soaps? Try mother moon Breastmilk soap made of,you guessed it right, human breast milk πŸ˜€

Have you heard any other Beauty Bizarre thing beside these πŸ˜€


  1. @prerana- actually i use loose powder on my hair for bad hair days all the doesnt show up if you apply less quantity…

    @somya- that cinnamon tip was awesome dude..i had no idea…i will try that when i want jolie-esque lips

  2. soap wala tip was somethng i used to do as a kid…keep those soap packets in books and make them smell…atleast somethng good about those books….

  3. Its been a longtime since I got time to read ur blog Anamika.
    Awesome as usual.. just loved this post

    I guessed I missed out so much in past few weeks.. πŸ™

  4. instead of using the Colgate we can use Vicks vaporup for acne, specially one with yellow center.
    My grandmother told me about this remedy n i m telling u it really works.
    n infact it doesnt leave a spot behind.

  5. i want to ask all the experts present here………………..
    that my hair are dry when i shampoo them -for sometime they look good but when they got dry up they look so
    ‘ujda chaman’ like…….
    mein kya karu…………


    • i think you should apply good amount of conditioner on ur hair and leave for 5min atleast, then wash it. apply serum after it dries will make your hair manageable i hope… 😎 😎 😎

  6. Heyguys im from england here,
    but i believe that our indian skin wherever we are in the world needs to recieve the same beauty tips,
    need a tip for how to make hair look more lucious and silky? But not oil some easy sort of method ,
    thanks guys


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