Five popular herbal remedies to remove warts/moles naturally


Moles develop when the cell of the skin doesn’t spread and starts gathering up. Most of the time mole appears till the age of 20.Moles keeps changing as the year passes by .Change can be in many forms like color, size and often you see hair developing on the mole.
During pregnancy many women experience there mole getting dark.Girls in their teen when are exposed to sunlight observe their moles getting darker too.
As the person ages some mole disappears and some do not change at all.
Below here are few herbal remedies which can help in getting rid of moles:-
1. Make a paste of coriander/cilantro and apply on the moles/warts regularly. Regular application of this removes the moles.
2. Take a sour apple (You can take green or red apple) and apply it on the moles twice or thrice a day. Regular application will help in removing the warts/moles.
3. Applying onion juice every day helps in removing warts.

4. Take cumin seeds and powder them up. Add little water in the paste and apply it on the mole. Cover this paste as a bandage. This remedy will help those whose moles have bleeding problem. Remedy will also help in soothing the burning sensation and the moles which pains too.
5. Mix baking soda with Castor oil and apply this paste with the help of a cotton ball on the mole every night before going to bed .Follow this remedy religiously till the mole subsides.
P.S-Most moles are not dangerous but those which look quite different from existing moles should be checked by the doctor as it may be of medical concern.
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