Five Vitamins Women Should Take On Daily Basis

By Gunjan ,

Vitamins and Supplements – Like many I too don’t get necessary five  servings of fruits and vegetables which I am supposed to have  every day in my diet.I was worried about this because I am in my mid thirties and health related problems were knocking me every now and then , I consulted a doctor and made sure that I take vitamins to substitute.

These were the vitamins which were advised to me
1.Vitamin C is pretty good for my immune system.It keeps colds down and keeps my energy level stable.Few fruits which contain Vitamin C are apples, oranges and limes. 
Vitamin C suppliments
2.Wrong diet and too much of chemical spoil our hair.Taking Biotin supplements helps in growth of the hair and give strong nails.
Biotin suppliments

3.My Iron level is low but it is still not that bad.This is the reason I feel lethargic and sluggish most of the time.This vitamin keeps my energy level high and keeps me full of energy when I go for work out.After taking this vitamin  it helps me in improving sleep and insomnia.Do consult your doctor before grabbing iron tablets because too much of them can be harm full for your health.
Iron suppliments
4.Vitamin D  – Since the time I left my house for higher studies I stopped drinking milk too.I take this vitamin D to keeps my strong and prevent osteoporosis.As we get older the bones aren’t as strong and if you are not eating good amount of dairy products or drinking milk we can end up with bones which are brittle.

vitamin D suppliments

5.Vitamin E – It has been discussed on wise she many times.I think Anamika too is fond of this vitamin.I use this in my hot oil hair treatment when I feel my hair are dry and dull.This vitamin is an antioxidant too.

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Do you take vitamin supplements too? 


  1. No….i dont…but am planning to…who has the time to take all those servings of fruits everyday na….is there a single pop-in that we can take? any advice there??

  2. few things which i do is.

    i take cod liver oil tablets, vitamin e tablets, vitamin c and biotin, calcium tablets
    i keep changing them every now and then..
    nowa days i take cod liver tablet and vitamin e ..
    so next will be vitamin c and biotin…though i don't know any sure shot way.

  3. Hi Jiya,

    an average adult needs 1000 mg of calcium er day and when one aged fifty one needs 1200mg.
    If you are taking a supplement to get your daily calcium make sure you are also taking magnesium with it. The ratio of magnesium to calcium should be 2:1. In other words if you are taking 1200mg of calcium you should also be taking 600mg of magnesium .

  4. Thanks a lot Gunjan for this information, but u know what i feel we should gain all our necessary nutrients from fruits & veg only as they are natural whereas tablets when goes inside body gives only 10% of their total nutrient and 90% goes in faecus & urine.
    but its just my opinion, if doc have advised u, sure u shud take it…

  5. gr8 article gunjan..i used to take vit A caps n calcium sandoz..n not sure abt vit E intake sice excess of it has sideeffects… 🙂 🙂


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