Five Women Shoes and Women Personality

By Prerana,

Shoes reflects Your Personality!!!

Psychologists say, the shoe shoes that a woman wear can tell a lot about her personality. You must have seen Veena Malik, ex-contestant of Big Boss-4 wears only stilettos, and our gorgeous Deepika Padukone is mostly seen in flats. It is basically their personality that is making them buy particular shoes only. So let’s have some fun now and see what your shoe says about you!

Well, here I also like to say is we girls like to own as much shoes as we can and many a times we own different styles of shoes, so your personality will be reflected by that shoe which you like to wear the most. Like, I myself  have stilettos for parties, flats for casual outings, sneakers for jogging time (that is to wear as per the occasion) but I love love love my peep toes sandles…likewise..

Personality of women who wear sneakers

Women personality in sneakers

Sneakers are favorite of those women who has a carefree and casual approach towards life. Girls with sneakers can’t get over the tomboyish style and always keeps comfort in their highest ranking. Fitness freaks also love sneakers.

2)Personality of women who wear  Ballerina, Pumps and Flats

Personality of women who wear shoes

Those girls who wear ballerinas, pumps or flats wana have a non-fussy and relaxed life. These girls usually don’t believe in joining the style race.

Deepika Padukone, Katie Holmes are few of them.

3) Personality of women who wear Stilettos

Personality of women who wear stilettos

Girls who are very style cautious and worships fashion wears stilettos. This choice also tells that she is in total control of herself. A stiletto women is a real power women, she does what she things is right and don’t like people messing with her.

Veena Mallik, Malaika, Victoria Beckham are few of them.

4) Personality of women who wear Wedges and Platforms

Women personality in platform

Girls who wear these shoes are very sophisticated, very clever in their dressing sense.

They are such a person who want to get noticed but not at a cost of comfort.

Julia Roberts and Kajol loves wedges.

5) Women personality in Peep Toes

Women personality in shoes

I love peep toes shoes myself. Psychologists say peep toes shoes are worn by those girls who believes in feminine dressing. These girls are also modern, stable, elegant but still wana take it easy without being too daring and bold.

(very true, I’m not that bold!!)

Sienna Miller, Kangna Ranuat are seen in peep toes.

So whats is you personality like?


  1. i wear first three types of shoes….. when i feel cold i wear sports shoes or when i have to walk too much like on some trips or something.
    i wear flats when….. mmm… nothing fixed i wear them with suit as well as trousers/jeans to office, i wear them at functions….etc :cute: :shy:
    n stilletoes? i love them :inlove: wear them mostly at functions…. :-)) now dont say i am … complicated :hypnotized:

  2. hahahha…..i guess conclusion is coming out to be this only…that we all girls deal with it and poor man have to suffer with..

    if i die i would like al my make up and shoes to be buried 😛 with me 😀

  3. Now what about a woman who wears all….I own all the above kinds of shoes and wear them best on either my mood or the occasion – Mixed personality disorder huh?

  4. I am a wedges and platform person…hehahahaha…..

    and i loooove pumps for casual wear…..

    i like wearing peeptoes to formal parties !!!!

    Ok now i am confusing myself…

  5. but what u like the most…??

    this is creating lot og confusion now..why we women can not stick to one thing ever on our life :))

  6. o wow, wat a nice n interesting article… loved it like anything. hey i read smwhere in my high school that even color of the shoes also reflect ur personality. well high heels and peep toes etc always attract me like hell, n i never stop buying them. bt most of the times i wear ballerinas n wedges. so wat m i? i guess who aspire to be like victoria types gal, bt is actually a basic flat homely gal… lol.. well another thing is that i love those shoes a lot which hv smthing to tie on legs or around ankles (either in flats or heels). m confused nw… ?:-)


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