Flattering Hairstyles For Chubby Round Face


Flattering Hairstyles For Chubby Round Face

Chubby cheeks look too cute to not pinch 😛 A child with such cheeks always gets extra dose of love from adults  😀 If you were also one of those kids, you will relate to it. As you grow older, you want to get rid of that round look. And if you are a little plump, then rest assured, your face will look even rounder.

I am not saying that any face shape is not beautiful but we can do one thing or other to make ourselves look prettier. A round face needs some length. You need to tone down the plump looks and the right hairstyle can help you in that . Take a look at these Flattering Hairstyles For Chubby Round Face and decide what you want to flaunt next-

Soft Waves

jennifer aniston layered wavy hair

Waves add some definition to a chubby face. A framed round face looks thinner and quite attractive.


easy Puff hairstyle

A high pouf adds length to round face. Just make a puff on top of head and you can style the rest of your hair in any style- ponytail, bun, half up-half down or braid.


Hairstyles For Thin Hair -CHOPPY BANGS

It is better to stay clear of blunt bangs when you have a round face. Opt for wispy bangs or diagonal bangs. Diagonal bangs cut face and make it look thin. Wispy bangs divert attention from the flab on face.

Messy Hair

beautiful puff hairstyles (9)

Messy hairstyles are really suitable for a chubby face. You can make a messy bun or just about any hairdo with some mess on your head 😛  Messy hair has the effect similar to a pouf and make your face look longer.

Edgy Short

Must Try Gorgeous Hair Styles For Short And Thin Hair -PIXIE WITH WAVES

If you like short hair but stay away from it thinking that you will look too cute, add some texture. Short hair that has choppy ends look great on round face.

Curls long

Love curls? Long hair that is curled from chin to the end give a mermaid like look to chubby faces. Opt for heavily curled hair. Such hair drag your face down and make it appear slimmer.


jennifer aniston sleek long bob

This is a universal haircut and so it suits round face perfectly. Whether you like your hair sleek or with some texture, this cut will not disappoint you. An important tip is to wear your hair in a side parting and you are ready to rock a lob.

High Bun

The Top Knot Bun

When you are feeling confused, a top knot comes to rescue. Gather all your hair on the crown of head and twist it into a top knot. You look taller and your face slimmer.


L'Oreal Feria Intense Ombre Kit After Use

This is the style of hair color that goes well with a chubby face. The different colored ends attract attention downwards and add length to your face.

Did you like these Flattering Hairstyles For Chubby Round Face?

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