Flawless Blush Application


Flawless Blush Application

A sweep of a blush can add glow to your face instantly. It not only brightens your complexion but a swirl of it on the apples of your cheek can open up your face and make it livelier. But for that you have to nail the flawless blush application techniques. Improper technique can make you look like a clown that too without much effort. So today we will discuss about flawless blush application techniques.

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Here’s how to properly apply blush in 5 easy steps

  • First choose your blush and brush. Fluffy brush gives a better application. Avoid the brushes that come with blushes. Brush which comes in little compact are one of the major cause of wrong application. Small brushes makes your blush look streaky, uneven striped and heavy too. Small blush brush is easy to use by those who have a good hand on blush application but if you use blush regularly or are new in using blush then fluffy brushes are a must have. Always hold the brush very lightly and never press the brush too hard over your skin as it is not the right way to apply or blend blush.

Also the size of the fluffy brush is very important. It should neither be too big, nor too small. It should fit right on your cheeks.

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  • I guess you have all noticed that makeup artists while doing their makeup, always tap the brush lightly to get rid of excess blush. So swirl on the pan and tap lightly before moving to your cheeks.

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  • To apply blush smile and identify the apples of your cheeks. That is the place where you usually apply the blush. But wait, we all have different face shapes and thus the places where we should apply blush should vary as well. Follow the bellow chart to know where to exactly apply your blush according to your face shape.

Also by smiling I meant a small smile, don’t start laughing. Because when you give a big smile your cheeks lift up and when you are back to your normal self, your cheeks drop down and that can give an impression of wrongly applied blush. So just smile a little.

face shapes

  • Start with applying a little bit of product. If required, you can always apply more or layer up your blush. But if you apply more at one go, it will be difficult to tone it down.
  • Now the key to perfect blush is to blend it perfectly. So for a perfect blending it is essential to apply the blush with very soft hands and swipe the brush on the skin with very soft strokes so that the bristles are not pressed much.

That’s it. 🙂

P.S. If you think you have applied a lot of product on your cheeks, then you can just use a compact powder which matches to your skin tone and sweep it on your cheeks. This will form a light veil on the blush so that the blush looks lighter than it was earlier.

Have you tried these easy tricks for flawless blush application?

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