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Hi All,

I love traveling and more so, the anticipation of shopping at airport gives me a very different high….Alot of people hate waiting at an airport for long and consider it a waste of time but I genuinely love it. I go through each and every outlet in peace and after 1-2rounds I decide what I’d like to get πŸ™‚

This gloss is one of those many buys I’ve indulged at from the Hyderabad airport last year. I picked it up from the New U outlet prior to the security check. I remember they were having an extra-off sorta sale and I went berserk…as usual.

I picked this gloss simply because  I’d never heard of the brand before and the shade was so glossy that I had to have it.


Flormar Supermatte Lipgloss Reviews Flormar Super Matte Lip Gloss Reviews


  • Price: It cost me about 145 INR or so, but I’m not aware of the actual price since it had no label and it was simply dumped in the ‘extra-off’ section.
  • Packaging: This lip gloss came in the usual tube packaging but in an unusual form. Its not the traditional rectangular tube but this is more tapered in the end and unlike other glosses cannot stand balanced on its own. It has a brush applicator and the wand is quite long which may pose a problem for some.

I do like the longish applicator since I can apply easily in front of the mirror  and it doesn’t hinder during touchups either.


Flormar Supermatte brown Lipgloss Indian makeup blog

  • Color: This color can best be described as a peachy brown and tends to look more brick brown on my lips.
  • Texture: The gloss is said to be supermatte and hence has no shimmer or sparkles in it. The gloss goes on totally matte but has a fantabulous shine to it. The texture is smooth albeit kinda sticky. It doesn’t sink into my lips but the stickiness is a bit of a turn off.
  • Staying Power: This gloss stays for around 4-5hrs unless I eat in the middle. I don’t usually have the habit of rubbing or licking my lips so even in general lipsticks and  glosses tend to have a longer staying power.


However, when this fades, it does so very unevenly which I don’t like at all.  I feel like I have globs of color on diff parts of my lips. I am not sure  whether this is only with me though.

  • Pigmentation & Coverage: The lipstick gives my lips full coverage and would conceal any as well. Pigmentation is a huge plus point and a single swipe is more than sufficient. The formula is quite thick and you may need to dip in more than once but it’s a pleasure to do so since I love the glossy finish this gives. My lips look really moisturized and as if I’ve applied a clear gloss over a matt brown shade.

Swatches of Flormar Supermatte Lipgloss


Flormar Supermatte brown Lipgloss Swatches



Flormar Supermatte brown Lipgloss


What I like about Flormar Supermatte Lipgloss


  • No shimmer particles which makes this user friendly for work wear as well as occasions
  • Pigmentation & texture is really good and would cover pigmented lips well.
  • Doesn’t dry out my lips.
  • I like the wand applicator especially because of its length.
  • The texture is thick enough and doesn’t bleed.
  • Pretty inexpensive. Gloss lovers would like to have these in their collection..


Reasons to skip it:

  • It fades unevenly which is really really a huuuge downside to this gloss.
  • I have never seen this brand anywhere other than Hyderabad so I’m not sure about it availability.
  • On application it does feel a tiny bit heavy on the lips..but the feeling subsided after a minute or so.

Has anyone else used Flormar Supermatte Lipglosses?


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  1. arree haannn!! now when i see both posts side by side i realise they do luk almost the same… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    btw is flormar only a Hyd based brand?

  2. i Have seen their products in New U hyderabad..they have very decently priced eyeliners, eyeshadows and lip glosses..i have used their brown eyeliner and it was nice..now i am goona try the lip gloss too:)

  3. wow grt find zara and it looks so good ur lips..
    iam just like u..love to shop in duty free..we get good deals ..here in dubai duty free we get lesser than the retail price so that makes it even more tempting

    • Hey Vidya! Finally..another gal who luvs airport shopping! its so exciting na?

      I luv Dubai duty free…i used t buy hoards n hoardes from there..altho i used mostly b found in the bookshop! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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