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Hiya girlies

Am back with more art !!

Mellow Red

You girls remember my buyincoins purchases ? there were some filmo strips and fruit & flower slices. Decided to do one today.


Nail art with filmo strips and fruit & flower slices

I used a red base coat and a pale yellow beige slice to go with it. Rich look. But, no matter how much i pushed it down it kept sticking out. Even though the website says it goes with nail polish i can’t figure out how. Nail ain’t flat for such a “huge” thing to bed easily on nail. I think it suits well for UV things which i am not aware of. Next time i would slice this slice into half and make it ‘sit’ . 🙂

Pink petal

I did two versions of this. the first was a baby pink french tip on which I  did pink and purple petals alternately.

simple nail art designs

For the second ,I did a whole baby pink base coat and sponged the darker pink on nail tip. Then did purple petals with yellow centering. If you have the brush shown in pic,its perfect for petals. Dip the brush in pink and take a little little yellow on its tip and press the brush down as shown in the pic( am pressing it against paper ) . This would take care of yellow for the flower.


square manicure and nail art brush


baby pink french tip

Yellow Mania

This i loved. Cos my nails do not have a square manicure I couldn’t do the exact french tip. So did this V shaped french tip. Just a red twig out of it. Dot a flower and its done.


Simple nail art with yellow tips



Nail art with acrylic paints

Ciao girls


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  1. anamika there is a great news…….my exam’s result is out ……….nd……….. i achieved 1st class in M.A………………………… :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright: :tap-dance:

  2. These r soooooo gorgeous Reds! m totally fida on the baby pink and baby blue flower one..

    and i was actually waiting for u t use the flower slice infact…how did u manage to stick it on?


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