Food tip-Sticky Jackfruit problem


Jack fruit is one of my favourite though I haven’t posted many of its recipes but in future will surely come out with some of my favourite one.

Jack fruit is called with different name in Hyderabad therefore I thought of finding out the various names of Jack fruit before sharing the tip with you .


In Hindi the fruit is known as Kathal (कटहल).It is called Kathal (কাঁঠাল) in Bengali or Bangla, Katahar (कटहर) in Nepali, Panasa (पनस) or Kaṇṭāphal (कण्टाफल) in Sanskrit and Oriya,Nangka in Bahasa Indonesia, Langka in Tagalog while the rest of the Philippine languages called it Nangka, Halasu (ಹಲಸು) in Kannada,Panasa in Telugu, Pala (பலா) in Tamil, Chakka (ചക്ക) in Malayalam, Khanoon (ขนุน) in Thai(Source

To avoid sticking of jack fruit apply any cooking oil on the knife and hand before cutting it.It will get cut easily and prevent your hand and knife from getting sticky.

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  1. 😀 i was gonna brag about "langka" is what's it's called in my country but you beat me ana! 😀 i know about that since when i's young we had jackfruit tree right outside the house and it bears a lot of fruits 😀

  2. Maki I went to Goa and found big Jackfruit tree I personally took their pic as they some how look so beautiful to me:)Wow you were fortunate to see bring trees..Here in India now we rarely see trees in metros.:(


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