Food tips-Myths About Warm Food Storage



I had this myth of allowing the left over food to get cool at room temperature before storing it in the refrigerator.But recently I came across this article in the newspaper and found it quite interesting so thought of sharing it with you people.

 1  Article claimed that it is a myth which many of us believe that food should cool down slowly instead of quickly putting it in the fridge after cooking.Fact of the matter is that two hours is the longest that cooked food should be left out.
2.Many of us believed that cooling warm foods too quickly after cooking causes bacteria to multiply and makes food go bad.Reality is that bacteria thrive at room temperature ,especially in the “danger zone” between 4 degrees and 60 degree Celsius.
3.Some people believe-incorrectly- that putting warn food in the refrigerator disrupts its cooling ability.Fact is that food especially meat should be refrigerated as soon after cooking as possible.

Do you have any food tips to share with us ?

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