Foods Which Slow Down Aging And Help In Fighting Wrinkles


One can actually fight wrinkles without spending thousands on anti wrinkle products.Just include some below mentioned fruits, vegetables and beans in your diet and stay away from wrinkles.


1.Kidney beans-Kidney beans helps in producing a vital anti aging substance called hyaluronic acid.A new born baby is born with lot of it.It makes the skin smooth and it slowly starts diminishing when one ages.By eating plenty of beans in your diet you can fight with wrinkles easily. You can include boiled beans in your salad.This will not only help you out in fighting aging but will make the salad also tasty and nutritious.
2.Flaxseeds oil(alsi in hindi)-You can use flax seed oil in your salad dressing or just gulp it down. Having it both ways you are allowing healthy fat omega -3 in your body which helps in reducing lines and wrinkles.
3.Spinach and cabbage-Eating spinach and cabbage every day can make your skin look much younger in just few weeks.Both these vegetables are packed with nutrients called lutein which boost skin hydration and elasticity. Your body requires 10 mg of lutein to get results.
4.Beet root-Recommended by nutritionist most of the time beetroot is not only a great antioxidants but contains pigment called anthocyanins that help support collagen production in the skin.Best way to include beet root in your diet is through salad or by having  a glass  of beet root juice .
5.Olives-Australian researched says that the more people have the olives the less wrinkled their skin will look.
6.Red pepper-According to researcher from Dr Ronals watson University of Arizon, antioxidant in red, yellow and orange foods build up under the skin creating extra UV protection.
7Chocolate-Chocolate is considered to be very good for your skin .Chocolate protects the skin against UV damages which is one of the biggest cause of skin aging. But it is only the dark chocolates which have wrinkles diminishing properties.
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