Body Odour Treatment


Body Odour Treatment

Body odor is a big problem that can embarrass you quite badly. People believe in spraying a lot of deodorants and sprays but the reality is that odor does not go away completely. It just faints a bit until the effect of the fragrance can prevent it. The real reason for the odor is bacteria which need to be removed using right measures. Suffering from this problem? Well you have reached the right place. Read on and you will find a solution to your problem.

tea tree oil uses

For treating bad odour the first basic step that one may take is to switch from aluminum based deodorants to non-aluminum deodorants which are safer and do not cause bacterial residue in your arm pits.

The second step one could take is to clean your armpits and other odour prone areas regularly. As per the experts, doing this at least once a day helps to restrict bacterial formation. Also, one must dry the area instead of keeping it damp as the bacteria are more conducive to damp areas.


Using Vinegar For Body Odour

Squirting or cleaning the area with vinegar also helps a lot. If you squirt or spray vinegar to your armpits or wherever you have the problem of odour, you would feel relieved of the same with regular use. Vinegar could be white or apple cedar. Do not forget to wipe dry the area to take care of the reasons already stated above.

Using Tea Tree Oil For Body Odour

You may also use natural sterilizers like tea tree oil. This oil can help to remove the bad odour as well as to reduce the bacterial formations making you safe of the odour as well as any other hygiene conditions which could harm you.

Your Diet

You can also look to treat this problem rather permanently by making some changes in your diet. If you tend to look for a permanent solution, you must stop on consumption of foodstuff like onions, garlics etc. which are a cause of body odour to a large extent. Also, excessive consumption of carbonated drinks also adds to the issue. At the same time, adding more of green leafy vegetables like spinach and chard could also help reduce the body odour due to the presence of chlorophyll in them which is quite deodorizing.

shaving underarm area

You could also seek help from a lemon. Yes! Dabbing on lemon and leaving it for some time before washing it off, can also help to control bacteria. Lemon works very well to remove bacteria.

You can also utilize the benefits of baking soda or cornstarch. Both of these help to reduce the sweating and body odour.

Drinking a lot of water also helps to control the body odour pretty well. Keep yourself hydrated to fight the menace.

There are more solutions which are relatively long term like keeping yourself clean all the time. Body odour is worst if your body area is not clean. Always keep your under arm area, for example, shaved and clean. This would reduce the chances of bacteria to minimum.

I hope these suggestions help you fight the embarrassing experience of having bad odour. It is indeed a big turn-down for you as well as others. We face so many people on daily basis who suffer from this problem but seldom do anything about it. While the truth is this makes you look ugly and live an unhygienic life which is definitely not good.


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