Footbutter Heel repair Cream Review


Footbutter – Heel repair Cream : Heel Repair Cream for intensive care of your feet. 

Footbutter - Heel repair Cream Review+best foot cream
Hey Wiseshe gals n ladies!

Here comes my next review which is nothing to do with make up but 1 of the essential products for those who suffer from cracked heels and rough feet during winters.  As with age, our skin texture changes and this happened with my feet.  During winter my heels started cracking not to the extreme but I was very upset with it so I tried a few foot care products.   They didn’t meet my expectations.  Then while surfing the net, I searched  for something for my feet and i came across Footbutter-Heel repair cream on

Footbutter - Heel repair Cream Review+cracked heels cream

About Footbutter Heel repair cream:-

Footbutter is the perfect natural formula for softening and repairing cracked heels.Shea Butter & Beeswax moisturise while Clove Oil soothes & heals Callused feet.Regular use of Footbutter is the perfect treat for your feet !

  • Price : Rs. 70
  • Quantity: 50gms (got it at Rs 70 from Urban Touch).

Availability : It is availiable on most Indian beauty shopping sitess

  • Key Ingredients : Purified water, Sesame oil, Glycerin,Shea butter,Beeswax,Neem oil and Clove oil.
  • Directions For Use : Was and clean feet.  Wipe them dry. Spread Footbutter liberally all over the heels and toes. Cover feet and leave overnight for best results.

 Well…..Rough/cracked heels may not be a problem for all…but for me, it was for the  last 2-3 years and Footbutter put an end to it.. Like in the picture, I take that amount and spread it all over my feet before I sleep, wear a clean pair of cotton socks and when I get up in the morning I feel my feet soft and super hydrated.  I  used it last winter and even in summer almost 2 times a week….

Footbutter - Heel repair Cream Review+moisturising dry feet cream

  • Texture : It is a white cream based product with a thick texture.
  • Packaging : Footbutter comes in a white tube with a orange screw on cap that’s easily portable.

What I like about Footbutter – Heel repair Cream:-

  • Results will be visible after using it twice.
  • Affordable.
  • Small and easy to carry it even in our hand bag.
  • Thick consistency

What I don’t like about Footbutter – Heel repair Cream:-

  • May be availability

Rating – 4/5.

Will I re-purchase it :  Yes definitely

Have you tried Footbutter – Heel repair Cream:

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  1. hey Nice review.. Navneet!!

    I think many girls/ladies will be looking for this..As a good footcream is a must these days! :-)) :yes:

  2. good review navneet :-)) started getting slight cracks n now am using scholl heel repair and its fantabulous.. :yes: :yes: :-))

  3. Though i dont have cracked o sore heels but my feet tend to get dry .i used it in winters to moisten my feet…and feet stayed good for almost 24h..this one is really a winner.. 🙂


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