For that crispy and golden color dosa


To have that restaurant like golden color in your dosa ,add 1 tsp of sugar in it.This will make your dosa crispier too.


  1. i am a regular follower of your blog and look forward to handy tips. now that you are so knowledgeabledo let me know which oil to use so that hair grow faster and how to stop greying of hair. ( i use hair colour regularly)

  2. Hi Anju,Thanks for visiting my blog regularly.If you want to row your hair faster you can visit this post if you color your hair regularly then sorry your hair will remain grey and will be rough too.Its better if you use henna then it can help you with that you can use these remedies also. i am of good help to you:)

  3. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: anu..i heard that adding 4 spoons of cooked rice helps in acheiving that golden brown colour dosas.. 🙂


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