For those unwanted hair in growths


By Gunjan,

Hair in growth problem is suffered by many of us every now and then.We suffer from this problem basically when a thin layer of skin grow over the new growth of hair.This problem arise soon after one gets their hair removed.

When one doesn’t use right method to remove their hair or get their removed in unhygienic condition this problem arises.In most of the Indian parlor cotton cloth is used to wax which they keep reusing which is one of the most unhygienic thing.Few woman have hormonal imbalance problem and can cause hair-in growth.In sever conditions it can lead to pus collection and infection too.

Following tips can prevent this problem:-

1.Exfoliate your body regularly.You can find many body scrubs available in the market .You can find the one which suits you or you can go for dry brushing or use body shop gloves.You can check out in  wise she for both these things.
2.If you feel comfortable using pumice stone then that too can also be used for exfoliation.
3.Avoid wearing right fitting attire.Many of us ignore this and I too did that but once I avoided wearing tight clothes for a week after shaving my legs, my in growth hair problem was reduced to a great level.
4.Moisturize , moisturize and moisturize your body.Be it summer, winter or spring using moisturizer prevent in growth hair a lot.
5.If you prefer shaving like me then always wet the skin with lukewarm water especially if you have dry skin then please please don’t avoid this step.
6.If you suffer from infection or pus then immediately visit a doctor otherwise the condition can get worse.
7.If you prefer going to a saloon to wax then do your home work before.Use a saloon which is hygenic and use quality product.
8.Too much pressure on the skin while waxing also causes hair in growth.
9.After reading Anamika’s tips I applied aloevera gel of Fab India and it gave a soothing feeling and I didn’t suffer from any kind of hair- in growth problem too.
The crux will be to exfoliate, moisturize and pamper your skin to get rid of this problem.

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  1. Thanks Gunjan..I havent used Fab India aloe vera gel but I was once really tempted to buy is a aloe vera blody lotion or specifically gel?


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