Forehead Wrinkles – Why And What To Do


By Ishleen Kaur

Forehead Wrinkles – Why And What To Do

So you’re telling me that you just woke up one fine day and found a teeny-weeny age spot or a small fine-line under your eye, or say a wrinkle on your forehead? Think again, it did not just happen over the course of a night, it took you certain habits (pun intended) to develop those signs of premature ageing.

These days wrinkles are not just a symbol of ageing, they can be an indicator of the unduly stressful life today’s generation has to undergo. Some accept ageing gracefully, and I believe everyone should do so; for those of you who are yet not ready to accept those pesky lines emerging on your face, let’s get into some details.

forehead wrinkles why and how to

What causes Forehead Wrinkles

There are a numerous reasons I can list out, but some of the most basic and notice-worthy are the ones mentioned below.

  • Over exposure to SUN

More than genetics, Sun exposure plays a pivotal role in deciding the intensity of your wrinkles. The radiations from the sun tend to destroy the collagen fibers in our skin, accelerating the ageing process. Excessive exposure to sun further leads to reduction in the production of our sebaceous glands, thereby leaving us with dry, parched skin, aiding in wrinkles.

  • Smoking and Alcohol consumption

Smoking is never good. Period. But when it comes to skin care, it is extremely harmful for collagen production. Reason, it sucks up the body of all the vitamin-C, which indeed is a crucial component in the making of collagen which aids in the plumpness, elasticity and youthfulness of the skin. Smokers tend to appear forehead wrinkles about 15 years earlier than non-smokers. Similarly, alcohol disorients the facial tissues and maligns the skin color and texture. Reason enough to quit, eh?

  • Frowning and Facial mimicry

So I guess we all should have paid heed to our mother’s old school advice, Don’t make faces like that, it’ll freeze that way.” Many habits like squinting, frowning, raising eyebrows continuously can lead to the skin losing its moisture and elasticity, thereby resulting in wrinkles, which get all the more prominent as we age.

  • Improper diet and erratic lifestyle

Consuming whole sugars and simple carbohydrates over whole proteins is a big mistake and the sufferer is your poor skin. Simple carbs and sugars make the skin cells rigid and they lose their elasticity. On the other hand consuming lean proteins helps in maintaining, and even increasing the elasticity of the skin. Along with a regular lifestyle, take a healthy diet and incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. They are your main source of anti-oxidants and Vitamin-C.

  • Genetics

Most people have to go through the ordeal of fine lines and wrinkled on the facial skin or elsewhere. This is not necessarily because they are aging prematurely; it may be due to their genetic tendencies. Not much can be done about it, take it as gift from your parents to you; and never feel unfortunate about it.

  • Stress and lack of sleep

When you are deep in sleep, someone else is working hard to make you grow-the pituitary gland. It secretes growth hormones in adults usually when they are in deep slumber. The growth hormone helps increase the levels of collagen and elastin fibers, leading to less of wrinkles and more of smooth skin. Lack of sleep makes you miss on all these pretty things. On the other hand, staying under continuous emotional stress, turmoil or in a state of depression tends the body to release adrenaline and other such stress hormones which inhibit the collagen producing enzymes to be produced, thereby rendering you with more of wrinkles. And no they are not something to be proud of, unless you are an algolagnist.

What to do to reduce forehead wrinkles

  • Facial exercises

Bad habits come to us naturally, while habits like these need to be learnt. Try this simple exercise, try and lower your eyebrows as far as you can while trying to bring them close; and then lift them as high as you can while trying to keep them apart. Remember, consistency is the key. Practice this various times a day and you will see the results gradually.

  • Hydrate your skin

Your body is made up of water, literally, and to stay at its best, it needs more water. Period. No matter you are thirsty or not, keep filling up your body with water at regular intervals, trust me your body will love you for it. Better, along with drinking adequate quantities, keep a spritz bottle filled with mineral water, and spray it on whenever your skin needs it.


  • Use Line-plumping and retinoid creams

Retinol-based (a derivative of vitamin-A, which again is a collagen-booster) creams help in plumping up the fine-lines on the skin. A quick fix is to use a pea sized (or less) amount of VASELINE and rub it onto your skin, massaging it till the time your skin stops feeling slick. Choose moisturizers with SPF, or a moisturizing sunscreen, and keep the skin well hydrated along with protecting it from the sun.

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  • Use illuminating face primers

I once heard, the best way to ward off attention from the problem spots is to use a reflecting illuminator. Use an illuminating primer before applying your regular foundation. What a primer does is sets in the fine lines on your forehead and due to its illuminating properties; it reflects light off the problem areas very tactfully.

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  • Aloe vera gel and egg mask

Vitamin E or the youth vitamin, as it is popularly known is one thing which can be found in both the aloe vera gel as well as eggs in abundance. Whip up a mixture of both the constituent materials and apply a thick paste on the forehead, without applying strenuous pressure. Leave it on for a good 15 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water, make sure not to scrub it off, just rinse and pat dry.

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Now except from all these methods to treat forehead wrinkles, there are a few more expensive ones which include chemicals and surgeries, but I, being a lover of natural beauty would never venture into such inexplicable treatments like chemical peels, botox surgeries, dermabrasion et cetera, which not to forget, burn a big hole in your pockets.

But if you guys want we can always do a post on those treatments.

So try these natural steps to handle those lines and let us know what works for you!

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