Forest Essential Brahmi Hair Oil Review



 Forest Essential Brahmi Hair Oil

Girls in our house are given utmost precedence .Our elders pamper us  like anything and with boys they are extremely strict 😀 and strangely boys don’t mind that 😀 .Whenever I come home there is kind of celebration in our house where all relatives keep coming over to meet me .I know I am lucky 😉 (touchwood! ) .I always take hot hair oil and body massage when ever I am at my parents place  to detoxify myself and when the blisscovered Forest essential Brahmi hair oil arrived I was overwhelmed and asked  the women to use this oil only for head massage.

She has been giving me massage from this oil  since eight – nine days regularly and I am just left with 1/4th of the bottle.Although it has not been that easy for me because I was washing my hair every single day in this chili weather but I can do anything for my hair .Just love using hair care products.:)

  • Price – I received a sample of this product from Blisscovered and I didn’t see this one on Forest essential website.So not sure about the price of this .Generally it ranges between INR 600-800

Forest essential brahmi hair oil reviews+Forest essential hair oil reviews

Oops! My camera focused on its manufacturing date of the bottle  rather than the ingredients 😛 .Let me jot down the ingredients for you.:)

  • Virgin coconut oil , Brahmi , Basil leaves, Hibiscus  Flower, Bael Leaves, Ixora flower, Bermuda Grass, Liquorice, Cumin seeds, Indigo leaves, Indian Gooseberry.(These are amazing ingredients)

Forest essential brahmi hair oil ingredients+forest essential brahmi hair oil

My experience with  Forest Essential Brahmi Hair Oil

As the oil contains coconut oil as one of its ingredients I use to keep it under the sun to bring it in liquid state.In five minutes it use to melt down  and when applied I initially didn’t like  coconut mixed with gooseberry fragrance.But it  didn’t bother me after a minute or two.

What I like about the oil is that after using it my hair feel soft and smooth and I was easily able to skip hair conditioner when ever I used it . I am on medication nowadays and due to weather change I am suffering from sever hair fall and regular massage of this oil didn’t give me any respite in that.:(

It’s a light oil and I didn’t have to use loads of shampoo to wash it off .Like always I was washing my hair twice and that was it.

I literally was pouring this oil on my hair and still 1/4th of the bottle is left therefore I think if you use it twice a week it will last you two months easily.

forest essential hair oil+hair oil forest essential products +forest essential reviews

Will I Re -Purchase – I am a big fan of forest essential oils especially their sesame oil which I got ages ago and still swear by it but this is kind of okiesh. I won’t repurchase it again and would prefer trying some other oils from the same brand .I will finish up the bottle and if it helps me in hair fall in anyway I will update the post for you .:)

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  1. I’ve used this twice now and I do like it..I don’t find it out of the ordinary tho…and probably will go back to Trichup after it finishes…

  2. Nice eview Ana!! You sure love your hair…… and FE:)
    I wanna try their Nagkesar ubtan… have you tried it?? What would you suggest as first buy from FE?

        • i usually use trichup..and it really works wonders for my hair…will revert t that once this is over…

          hmmm…i hav only used the YSL wala product other than this…and i luv the fragrance..its to die for! wot else did u use up?

          • i used the lancome cream and the coffee scrub, both are good

            ur talkin abt the the diesel perfume na? i knw this sounds vain,but me saving it up for valentines……. :inlove:

  3. I would die to have great hairs, my hair are good only till 4-5 hours of wash, then comes the scalp oil and I am back to flat and limp hair 😥 😥 😥
    Too mush washing sometimes leaves me with dry hay he he, I want something anti oil 😀

  4. i used it too yesterday and I quite liked that it made m hair softer than regular coconut oil and also it did not cause any hair fall or headache! And I like that all the ingredients mentioned are great for the hair! Just that I dont know what’s liquorice doing in it :/ isn’t dat a skin whitener :/ maybe i need some knowledge transfer! 🙁

    • anyway FE products are not that hebal Sukanya..but glad that u liked it..i have been using it since 7-8 days regularly and my headache and hair fall problem is intact.

  5. recd this as part of the blisscovered package. looking fwd to trying it. i love hair oils and it’s a ritual every sat for me. have never tried brahmi though so quite excited.

    • Appu this was my first brahmi oil too..thankfully got to use it every will make yur hair soft but that will be a temporary thing.


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