Forest Essential Detox Body Polisher Basil & Marigold Sand Scrub Review


 Forest Essential Detox Body Polisher Basil & Marigold Sand Scrub 

This is my first body polisher from Forest essential and as this is a winner of Vogue beauty award I really wanted to try it out since long.I got it with Forest essential bath oil & Forest essential velvet silk body cream in a combi pack which costed me INR 1100.

Forest essential detox body polisher review+Forest essential detox body polisher reviews

What Forest Essential Body Polisher claims:-

“Decadent and luxurious, these gently exfoliating body polishes use natural mineral-rich Sea Salts from the Kerala coasts and raw Cane Sugar which polish the skin, leaving it incredibly smooth and buffed. They also contain the pure cold-pressed oils extracted from Almonds and Apricots as well as naturally distilled Essential Oils to hydrate and soften the skin.

• Buffs & Smoothens • Targets Cellulite

This extraordinary scrub treatment for the body has draining and reducing properties. Its highly effective active ingredients include a fine white sand rich in Aluminum Silicates from river beds in the Himalayas, and saline concentrates with Glycerine, Flower and Herb Extracts, to target fatty deposits and cellulite while smoothening the skin.”

  • Price – I got 100gm pack it comes in 250gm pack also which cost INR 1075 .I think buying the combi pack is any day better deal because of the quality and the number of product one gets.

Forest essential basil & marigold scrub review+Detox body polisher reviews

  • Key Ingredients:-Cold Pressed Oganic Almond oil, Cold pressed organic apricot oil, Sea salt, Rose, Marigold, Bela, Kewada & Saffron Purified Floreal Water, Kokum Butter, Satavari, Bariyara, River Sand.
  • Direction– Use on wet skin in shower , or body treatments to remove surface dead cells and polish the skin.Rinse well with warm water.
  • Packaging – Comes in a round plastic see through tub with a black cover.These type of packaging are not considered travel friendly albeit scrub cap was tight enough and I was easily able to carry it with me.Weight, cost  Ingredients, direction and other  details are written on the tub itself.
  • Fragrance its a mix of a basil and rose I believe and I am not that fond of these kind of organic fragrance.

Forest essential scrub basil and marigold review+body scrub reviews

My experience with Forest Essential Detox Body Polisher 

I so like the ingredient of the scrub.  It actually has river sand in it  which removes away dead skin cells from the skin.Though it consist of sand but its very soft  and I do see difference in my skin after using it every alternate days for two weeks.

Scrub with its mild exfoliation leaves my skin smooth and soft and I love to use it as face scrub too.The sand particles with organic cold pressed oil remove away white heads from my face  and makes the skin  soft without drying it out .Infact,  as the quantity of the product is just 100 gm and I am left with very little amount of it. I have stopped using it on  body and utilizing the left over as a face scrub only .

You can see mild sand and apricot particles in it which are not harsh at all.

Buffs and smoothens scrub forest essential

What I liked about Forest Essential Detox Body polisher

  • Just love the sand and all the organic oil present in it with no SLS like Body shop body polisher.
  • Keeps skin moisturized even in winters though its obvious that one needs to moisturise the skin post scrubbing.
  • Like to use it on face as well.
  • Easy to remove
  • Removes off dead skin making skin feel smooth and soft.
  • Doesn’t leave any greasy feeling behind.

Forest essential scrub buffs and smoothens target cellulite+Blackhead scrub reviews

What I do not like about Forest Essential Detox Body Polisher

  • Very pricey and 100 gm of product finishes off with in 2-3 weeks.
  • There are not many outlets of FE products though can be ordered online.
  • Product claims to target cellulite :D:D Well ! I didn’t see any difference in my cellulite at all
Will I recommend it to others – If you like mild body polishers with basil and rose fragrance then you must  try it out and feel the softness in your skin .It’s indeed not a bad product  but if you are fond of harsh body scrubs then it’s not for you.
Will I buy it again – No, I like citrusy fragrance body polisher more but I thoroughly enjoyed using it 🙂
Wise She Rating:-
  • Overall 4/5
  • Effectiveness-4/5
  • Price-2.5/5
  • Packaging-3/5
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  1. I love rose and basil smells, separately , I dont know how they work together but I like the idea of that smell. 😛

    I am using burts bees citrus face scrub and it smells of clove (if I remember right) but it is magic. I use it sparsely as I dont yet have a back up jar, and the results are very temporary but they are amazing for whatever time.

    I think I will give this a try next. Thanks. 🙂

          • one can always hope na…ummeed par to duniya kayam hai 😉 m still waiting for that magical product which will zap all my cellulite 😉

        • I know Zara… when I started reading the post and read ‘targets cellulite’ – I was like “This is it. I need to pick this up” and then Anamika revealed it does nothing to the cellulite and all my umeed went toinggg.
          I’m going to try Chandra brand… it’s available in Bombay… it claims to have no chemicals/parabens… seems similar to Forest Essentials. I fin d FE super-expensive yaar… the amount they charge for ubtan, I rather make it everyday at home… I think their main audience is non-Indians

          • Hey by the way I picked Papaya Scrub and Floral Lily Shampoo of Chandra brand today along wih a Verai soap… the brand claims that the scrub and shampoo are both natural but tried the scrub and it smells faaarrrr from natural…. let’s see how the shampoo and soap is… can’t compare it with FE but stick to the point that FE is super-duper expensive :-$ :dazed:

            • there r so so many brands which claims to be herbals are not Forum..i hope Chandra is not like that ..i had a teacher his name was Chandra everybody use to call him Chandu

              • Chandu :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: hope he’s not behind the naamkaran of this brand
                Chandra is a brand from Essel Group who has tied up with Verai and they claim to be paraben, animal fat and colour free et al. Plus their packaging looks decent so thought they may perhaps be good… now thoh it’s available in Bombay at certain chemists and Beauty Centre all their range is never available, especially what u want is never available… I just wanted to pick something so picked the scrub and shampoo… Have only tried the scrub – guess it worked decent but smells strongly perfumed and chemical-like, not at all natural. And the shampoo may not have parabens but has sodium benzoate and other chemicals… Now am in 2 monds about this brand

    • yes its really effective Ashu 🙂 bass sasta hota to bhaut ke accha hota.their organic oil cost somewhere around 500 and in this pack they have two of them so cant blame them also.

    • Oops i got the INR 1100 WALA pack which has 3 products in it so that way it as quite economical na 🙂 dekho dekho socha na 😀

  2. Reminds me of a sunny day at the beach :sun: :island: Looks wonderful! N ur wooden spatula adds to the natural effect 🙂 Would love to try this

  3. hey folks sorry to go off a bit tangent but GVK mall mein FE ka store hai so was planning on dropping in over the weekend..i was thinking of buying one of the Ubtans..which one wud be good? i am normal to oily skin type.

    having said that, this scrub looks damn good. shud check it out..


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