Forest Essentials Ayurvedic Herb Enriched Head Massage Oil Review


Forest Essentials is one of those fancy and expensive brands that I always steered clear off. But when I told my mom about my itchy scalp and hair fall issues, she recommended the Forest Essentials ayurvedic hair oil that she uses. My husband brought it back from Chennai on his last trip and I’ve been using it once a week ever since.

 Forest Essentials Ayurvedic Herb Enriched Head Massage Oil review+massage oils


I paid Rs.850 for this 200 ml bottle. It’s a little expensive, but the packaging is so gorgeous and classy looking! According to Forest Essentials, this head massage oil helps those with hair loss and scalp problems and combats dandruff. Sounds impressive, right? It also has an impressive list of ingredients including sesame oil, coconut oil, goat’s milk and herbal extracts.

Forest Essentials Ayurvedic Herb Enriched Head Massage Oil review details+massage hot oil

How to use this oil: Warm oil and apply from scalp to ends. Leave, preferably wrapped with a hot towel, for 30 minutes. Wash. rinse.


Now that I’ve given you all the details, let me tell you about my experience with the Forest Essentials Ayurvedic Head Massage Oil. This oil has a light texture, kind of like sesame oil and smells a bit like mustard oil. I really like the smell – it reminds me of the times when my mom would sit me down and oil my hair every weekend! I don’t have the patience for a hot towel, so I usually just warm a small amount of this oil in the microwave and apply it onto my head and scalp. 30-45 minutes later I shampoo my hair as always.


Forest Essentials Ayurvedic Herb Enriched Head Massage Oil review hand swatch+head massage oil

And to be honest, I’ve really seen a change since I’ve been using this oil. My scalp is no longer itchy and my hair fall has significantly reduced. I don’t have dandruff, so I can’t comment on its effectiveness in combating it. My hair also feels softer and looks a little shinier.

The only con is its price – I use a generous amount of this oil weekly and I’m not sure I can keep buying bottles at Rs.850 each!

To sum up, the Forest Essentials Ayurvedic Herb Enriched Head Massage Oil really lives up to its claims and I’m definitely going to keep using it, at least until I find a less expensive and equally effective replacement.

Have you tried Forest Essentials Ayurvedic Herb Enriched Head Massage Oil?

How was your experience? Do let me know in the comments!

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  1. i don mind spending a heavy amount when it comes t my hair..especially for the products which works..i am going to try this out..thanks so much 🙂

  2. hmmm… i love FE….
    find a kottakkal arya vaidya sala outlet n buy neelibringhadhi oil.its the same thing but has added indigo which wl darken hair.cms at abt 200 bucks.i think u get it online.or just ask for bringhraj oil. 🙂

    • That’s why I never purchased FE, it just seemed so overpriced. But one effective product has inspired me to check out their other stuff too 😀


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