Forest Essentials Kokum Butter and Honey Lip Balm Review


Forest Essentials Kokum  Butter and  Honey Lip Balm

Last year I purchased Saundarya Ubtan, Brahmi Hair oil and Pure rose water from Forest Essentials outlet. When the lady at the counter was wrapping the stuff and finalizing my bill I asked her if I can get some sample product as an incentive of this shopping 😀 she smiled and put a tiny miny jar of Forest Essential Luscious Lip Balm Kokum and Honey about which I am writing here today. Since winter is already here in the town I guess this is just the correct time to review this product.

FE Kokum Honey Lipbalm

About Forest Essentials Kokun Butter And Honey Lip Balm:-

Moisturising Lip Balms made with Kokum butter which contains an abundance of healing ingredients including vitamins, minerals, proteins and a unique fatty acid profile. These fatty acids are indispensable for their emollient properties. Honey replenishes skin moisture, leaving it feeling soft and supple. Organic Beeswax deeply nourishes and restores elasticity to the skin Almond oil from sweet almonds is the most nutritious. These lip balms seal in moisture, soothe dry lips, and leave them soft smooth and glossy.

Making of the Product:

Natural Butters & oils are blended together are infused with honey at room temperature to keep the properties intact.

Product Benefits:

Forest Essential Lip Balm Kokum Butter and Honey is uniquely designed to replenish and soften dry, chapped lips. Enriched with goodness of Natural Butters and Beeswax this balm gently heals and hydrate the lips. Free from synthetic chemicals and petroleum products this Lip Balm contains Kokum Butter, Almond oil and Honey to protect your lips. Due to its extraordinary moisturizing and hydrating properties it seals in moisture and soothes dry lips leaving them soft and glossy.


100 % natural. No petroleum is used. Oils are cold pressed by hand.


FE Kokum and Honey

Quantity and Price:

Since this is a sample jar and the jar is too small to contain any details or stickers, neither quantity nor price has been mentioned in the jar. However  I have  browsed Forest Essentials website and find that they are retailing 5 gms of this product at Rs.495/- that means 1 gm of product for Rs.100/-(oouchh)..You can buy it online.


I got this product in a transparent glass jar with silver screw cap. Actual packaging is that of plastic tub, than a extra lid and a golden screw cap. Packaging is classy and travel friendly.

My experience with Forest Essentials Kokum  Butter and  Honey Lip Balm:

I am a hoardrer of lip balms, but I have never laid my hands upon Forest Essentials Lip Balm due to the inflated price tags so I was more than happy when I got this lip balm as sample. But first I decided to finish My TBS Vanilla lip balm than to try it. So since last 15 days I am trying it at bed time to heal my chapped lips and to protect them from these cold waves. This lip balm is very light weight and does not give any sticky feeling on the lips. I apply it daily at night and in mornings I find my lips soft and supple.

Forest Essentials Lip Balm

However there are some cons of this product too…first of all it smells something like coconut candy and taste is really weird which is a turn off for me. Another thing is that it does’nt get absorbed easily and stings lip a bit for say 2-3 minutes post application. It also leaves an oily sheen on the lips so it cant be used under lipsticks too, because that will reduce the stay time of that product. Although it protects lip from chapping but it has done absolutely nothing for my pigmented areas around corner of the lips.

FE Kokum and Honey Swatch

What I like about Forest Essentials Kokum  Butter and  Honey Lip Balm:

  • Feels light on the lips.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Keeps lips soft and supple, well moisturized.
  • All natural ingredients.

What I don’t like about Forest Essentials Kokum Butter and  Honey Lip Balm:

  • Doesn’t stay for long.
  • Price.
  • Sting for some times.
  • Leaves an oily sheen behind.

Rating: 2/5.

Shall I repurchase it? At this price tag…NO.

There are cheaper and better options available in the market. Have you tried Forest Essentials Kokum  Butter and  Honey Lip Balm?



  1. Iam yet to get a one, nice detailed review Sofi.
    kerala lime glaze sounds interesting and recommended by Taps also…so I am getting it now


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